How to Choose a WordPress Theme: Dos and Do Nots Choosing the right WordPress Theme

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Remember these guidelines when you begin the process of choosing a theme
It is estimated that there are many thousands (10,000-plus) of WordPress themes on the market. It would take days and days to look through the multitude of themes. How do you narrow the search to select the best one for your website?

Selecting the best theme is crucial. The right one will provide your content with a zing and be mobile-friendly, and being able to load within the flash of an eye. With so many themes to choose from it can be difficult to select the most effective one.

Before you purchase a theme or spending time creating one, make sure to go through this list of must-haves and don'ts to selecting the best WordPress theme.

Make your list of features you'd like prior to time.

Before choosing a theme, it's crucial to know what features are necessary and what you could do without.

The WordPress Filter for Feature in The themes repository allows you to personalize your search for themes that are free based on particular features you require such as being translation-ready and providing a flexable header. It's crucial to keep the layout in mind prior to selecting a theme. In particular, you need to be aware of whether you'd like your website to have a single column or a number of columns.

When it is about WordPress themes there is no limit to the number of features you can have. Beginning from the bottom the theme you pick must only include elements that can assist you in achieving the goals of your site, and not unneeded features that could clutter your theme, which is why we are on the next step.

Do not choose a theme that is too bloated

The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn't choose an unorganized theme with lots of features. This can be detrimental over the long term. A theme with lots of features might look nice however it can impact your site's performance. Make sure you temper the desire to install every feature you think is awesome.

While the latest games or music players may be appealing however, they may affect your website's performance. In addition, new codes can increase the chance of security weaknesses, since elements are typically designed with the intention of performing some specific task, and not necessarily keeping the site safe.

Choose an responsive theme

Responsive design is simply about making your website easy to use not only on the laptop, but also across many devices. This means it's mobile-friendly and includes various widgets, menus or other features that make it simple to navigate. Consider features such as fluid grids on the site with flexible and flexible pictures that translate to devices that aren't desktops. A great instance of a responsive design would be one that could easily translate to a mobile device without any issues.

You've chosen one you like but isn't as user-friendly as you'd expect. You'll need modify it a more. Here are a few ways to improve the responsiveness of the WordPress website more user-friendly to your personal.

Keep color in mind

Remember, a large portion of marketing online is based on appearance. colors help increase the recognition of your brand also. If you've got your own logo, you should try to make it match with the color scheme of the logo. If you are sticking to neutral colors and neutrals, adding a splash of colour here and there will add interest. WordPress allows users to change the look and feel for a particular theme which includes the colors, simply by going into the file or typing the your own CSS.

If you're trying decide between light and dark be aware that research has proven that users prefer brighter colors. While a darker website style isn't necessarily a no however, if you choose to choose the darker option it could affect visibility and the potential for more traditional design elements.

Consider purchasing an expensive theme

While free themes can be an appealing option for people who are on a tight budget, they also have some problems. Apart from the fact that the possibility of the quality of the code not being at par when you use the free theme, you are taking on the possibility of the theme not being maintained regularly or receiving adequate support and the chance that the creator of the theme might decide to drop the theme completely.

Premium themes are highly dynamic and usually have more features than the free themes that helps you distinguish yourself from other users. Apart from premium themes, which are offereedd to customers at no additional price, premium WordPress themes generally require a one-time charge instead of a regular payment.

Choose a theme that doesn't have an unreadable font
This is linked to getting the attention of your visitors quickly, so they're not tempted to leave your site. It's important ensure that it's as simple as it is for your users to navigate through your website and find what they're searching for. Make your fonts easy elegant, sophisticated, and easy to read. A few among the most well-known fonts online for 2021 included Geometric Sans Fonts, such as Holgada as well as Character Serifs such as Temeraire.

If you're familiar with CSS, it should be easy to go in and adjust your theme's font, although some free themes might be limited when it comes to customizations--something to keep in mind during your theme selection process. (For an excellent guide to selecting fonts that are unique and easy to read look up stop using Arial & Helvetica.)

Test the theme thoroughly

An excellent place to start to test the effectiveness of a theme is installing The Theme Check plugin, which will determine whether the theme you're using is up to the latest WordPress standards.

Once you're finished with all the adjustments and uploaded all your content, go through your site prior to revealing that to all the internet. Review all your posts and then visit your website on mobile devices, and make sure that all your images load in a timely manner. Also, you should consider installing the Child theme plug-in. and investing in a web hosting solution that can provide the stage environments.

Here's a collection of several sites to purchase high-quality themes:

Elegant Themes
Theme Forest
Theme Trust
Woo Themes
Next Steps

I hope this article provided you with some tips to narrow down your selection of themes. The great thing about WordPress is that, should you decide to switch themes in the future it is possible to do it. If you're seeking more information about choosing the best WordPress theme, look through this list of resources contact web development company in Bangladesh an  for answers to your queries.

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