How to Choose a Suitable Commercial Kitchen Solution?

by Deepak Kumar Thakur Digital Marketer

Cloud technology and its disruptive technology in restaurants potential have made commercial kitchen solution providers look at ways to innovate, change their business model, and service offerings. Restaurant owners are looking at ways to increase their sales, reduce costs and improve service. Some restaurant managers have looked to technology to provide more choices and better menu choices. Others have looked at other options, such as mobile catering.

Disruptive technology in restaurants are moving fast into restaurant kitchens. As result, the kitchen is further no longer just a place where food is cooked. Now, the kitchen has become a meeting place for all the employees in the restaurant, which provides an opportunity for the training and development.

Commercial kitchen Solution providers such as Greenfield have introduced new technology that provides mobile catering on-demand to restaurants. For example, the technology allows the user to order an amount of caviar that is stored in a refrigerated container. When the restaurant manager approves the order, a server with an intelligent phone unit rolls out a truck-mounted machine, locates the caviar and brings it to the table. The machine takes the order and dispenses it to the tables via the touch screen. This type of technology eliminates the need for an assistant, saving time and money for the restaurant manager.

It is essential to choose the best resource person, whether an expert or self-taught cook, who can show a good combination of traditional and modern cooking methods. An expert cook should be qualified to use current technology. An ordinary cook will never create a professional, modern and hygienic atmosphere in a kitchen. Self-taught cooks may be able to make some improvements here and there, but they will never reach the standard required of experienced cooks. For an ordinary cook, the best option is to get training from a reputed institution that has well-trained chefs.

After getting the proper education and certification, the cook should earn a qualification in a recognized institution. The training period may be from six months to two years. This is the best time to start a successful commercial kitchen solution. Training at a reputed institution will make the cook well equipped with knowledge on kitchen management and the basic techniques of preparing different types of food.


Why RoboEatz?

Planned with wellbeing, dependability and capacity for large-scale manufacturing, RoboEatz ARK 03™ brings the advantages of computerization, tidiness, productivity and menu personalization to the kitchen.


Ready to make 1,000 dinners before requiring fixing top off


Self-cleaning and disinfecting pots and utensils


Decreased work and vacation costs because of staff turnover and preparing


Makes suppers in 30 sec+ (contingent upon the intricacy of the dish) without compromising quality. New menu things can be added and functional quickly.


80+ fixings can be utilized to make 1000s of hot and cold menu things specially made.

Improved Experience

Cafes advantage from speedy assistance, predictable food quality with the capacity to customize menu things by taste or dietary need.

Programmed requesting/stock control

RoboEatz recognizes when fixing supply is low or approaching termination date and will naturally arrange tops off the distributer.


RoboEatz is the leading independent automated kitchen framework that plans, cooks and serves an assortment of hot and cold dinners, self-cleans and disinfects. No staff preparation or oversight is required.


RoboEatz gives tainting control against infections and microscopic organisms through temperature guidelines, shrewd capacity and newness following.

Lessens Food Waste

Simulated intelligence screens food quality, termination dates and fixing supply, disposing of human blunder that prompts food to squander.

The framework will make alarms to bring down costs on menu things to move dishes with short-lived fixings.

Production network effectiveness is improved with precise stock control and programmed requesting of fixings.

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