How to buy a vacuum cleaner? What types of vacuum cleaners are there?

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The most commonly used cleaning appliance for modern people at home is a vacuum cleaner, and the range of vacuum cleaners is becoming wider and wider. Since you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, you must know the vacuum cleaner purchase guide to choosing a good vacuum cleaner. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you should also be able to know what types of vacuum cleaners are available?

1. Vacuum cleaner purchase guide

1. Power

Mainly, the greater the power, the greater the suction. Of course, suction is not only related to power but also related to other factors. But it is difficult for consumers to measure other indicators. Only the power must be marked on the nameplate according to national regulations, so this is an intuitive and simple way to distinguish the suction power.

2. Vacuum

Suction is formed by vacuum. The greater the power, the better the sealing performance of the machine, and the higher the vacuum degree. But the degree of vacuum is not as high as possible. Just like when we supplement vitamins, we must also consider the issue of moderation, not more is better. The vacuum degree is generally between 18kpa-23kpa

3. Suction power

For consumers, this index is also very important, but this index is calculated by a complicated formula from air volume, power, and efficiency. It is difficult for buyers to distinguish. The air volume is generally 1.8M3/min.

4. Noise

The noise of AC vacuum cleaners is relatively large. Siemens and Electrolux have several silent products. The sound is slightly reduced, at least not so harsh, but the price is so expensive! DC vacuum cleaners (rechargeable vacuum cleaners) have a lot less noise, but the suction power of charging products is too low. Can suck bread crumbs and hair strands on the table. The rechargeable vacuum cleaner in foreign countries is indeed just placed in the kitchen to suck the crumbs on the table.

5. Structure

All parts of the vacuum cleaner should be tightly connected, especially the junction between the dust collection port and the power part. The inspection method is: turn on the power switch and close the joint with your hand. If there is no feeling of air leakage, the airtightness is good. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner with the poor sealing effect is not only poor in dust collection, but also consumes a lot of electricity. very huge.

2. What types of vacuum cleaners are there?

1. According to the dust collection method, it is divided into dust bag vacuum cleaner and cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner; according to the type of dust collection: divided into a dry vacuum cleaner, water filter vacuum cleaner, and wet and dry vacuum cleaner; according to appearance: divided into Vertical vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, horizontal vacuum cleaners, bucket vacuum cleaners.

2. The dust bag type is mainly divided into the front dust bag and rear filter cotton, which is an early product in the market, and the air outlet to prevent secondary pollution is filter cotton filtration. The disadvantage is that if the dust bag is not cleaned in time, the suction power will become smaller; the front dust bag and the HEPA filter, this type of model is mainly for the HEPA filter used in the secondary filtration, the filtration the effect is better, the specific advantages and disadvantages are the same as above; cyclone The bagless vacuum cleaner is currently a more popular style. The dust is separated by the HEPA filter material and concentrated in the dust bin. If the dust is full, it can be poured into the trash bin.

3. Dry vacuum cleaner: As the name suggests, it can only suck up the dust without water absorption. The filter medium is not a paper bag or HEPA, but water. Put the tap water at home in the dust bucket, and the dust will be blocked by the water and stay in the water. The filtration efficiency is very high. If you put a bit of dew in the water, it can also disinfect the air.

What is the vacuum cleaner purchase guide? It is recommended that when buying a vacuum cleaner, people should also consider their actual use of the vacuum cleaner if they choose according to its guide. What are the types of vacuum cleaners? There are many types of vacuum cleaners. It is recommended to purchase related products according to the basic situation of home use.


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