How to Buy a Timeshare without Losing Money

by Legal S. Timeshare Legal Action

If you would like to get a timeshare in the United States, Mexico or Canada, sitting through a hard sales pitch, long presentations and buying expensive memberships is not the only option.

A timeshare attorney explains how a vacation enthusiast is able to have all the benefits of a timeshare with a much more affordable method — Resale Timeshares for Sale. You heard this correctly! Like most things, a timeshare unit can be resold too. You just need to know where to look and find the right place to purchase one.

Decide on what timeshare you want

Before you begin looking for Cheap Timeshares for Sale online, decide on the kind of timeshare that you would like to be a part of. The options available to you are deeded or ‘right to use’. The deeded option gives timeshare owners certain rights while a ‘right to use’ option gives owners ‘points’ to use a particular property for a particular period in a year. This usually costs ‘x’ number of points — the number of points depends on the type of resort and the time of the year available to use.

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Fact check the verbal promises

Timeshare sales reps make grand claims when they talk to you at the "resort presentation". Most of these promises usually do not materialize. When a vacation consumer is verbally promised aspects of timeshare ownership, one get it in writing as well. The consumer needs to have a clear idea of what they are getting into, and know every aspect of your timeshare contract, from your Timeshare fees, to vacation weeks, accommodations, exchanges, cancellations, etc. If you find that you cannot understand certain aspects of the contract it would be advisable to consult with a timeshare attorney as opposed to the property representative, in order to have an unbiased opinion.

Pick a desirable resort

Now that you have decided on the type of timeshare, start looking at all the various resorts. Pick one that offers you the most benefits, the best locations and time of year. Keep in mind that choosing resort does not mean that you will need to visit that resort only.

Most resorts properties are part of a larger group that allows you to choose your vacation time from any property in that group. Therefore when you are looking for a Timeshare Resale you will want to find its associated resort properties as well. You need to see the whole scenario before you sign the timeshare contract.

Browse and compare prices

The internet is a great resource for consumers for finding timeshare deals according to timeshare attorneys — so start browsing. There are thousands of websites that offer preowned timeshare all over the world. With this technique, however, comes a warning— fraudulent resale companies.

There are plenty of these offering timeshare resale as well, but one should vet the company that you buy from before you actually make a purchase. Read the customer reviews, ensure that they are a legitimate company and try to ask existing owners that are customers about their experience.

Get timeshare legal advice

How much a vacation club resort exit lawyer charges for action against resort developers took over other and everything has change for the worse including excessive maintenance fees.

Also, a common deceptive and unfair sales practice may allow you to get out of a timeshare contract include but are not limited to:

Free gift or discounted incentive to tour a timeshare unit without disclosing a sales presentation was taking place for ownership.

We were told that the tour would only be for 90 minutes when in fact it took the entire morning, afternoon, or evening Aggressive sales tactics applied after multiple rejections to sales representatives purchase offer, is considered unlawful pressure exerted upon a person to coerce that person to perform an act that he or she ordinarily would not perform.

Conveyed purchase would be considered an investment as timeshare could be sold or rented for profit.

We were told that it would be a one time offer for today only and that the vacation unit is given only to members and not available to the general public for staying at, buying or renting. It was not disclosed that timeshares can be rented online without being a member or owner.  Never told that timeshares could be bought online for as little as one dollar and that timeshare developers and their management companies can add, delete, modify, terms, conditions, and usage rights without the owners' consent Never disclosed that timeshare developers and their management companies can charge fees above and beyond maintenance fees without their consent Never disclosed perpetuity print in the contract that legally binds your financial obligation to the developer and the contract legally binds heirs, successors, and assigns to inherit all financial and legal obligations under law.

This is important. Having a solid timeshare lawyer in your corner is a great asset since there are too many instances where timeshare owners have been lied to and coerced when making a purchase —Try to not be in this group. A timeshare attorney who is involved from the beginning can go over the contract and legalities of the timeshare membership purchase.

While it might appear to be an unnecessary additional expense at first, it will save you a lot of stress, time, energy and money in the long run, especially if you decide that the timeshare unit is not in your best interests.

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