How To Be Good Enough When Reading the Scariest Horror Books?

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"Why do you like horror so much?"

It's a question I'm frequently asked. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Many people I meet have no idea why I spend so much time reading, watching, and listening to stories about supernatural powers or nasty villains wreaking havoc on innocent people. It's also a question I've given much consideration to.

But maybe the most pressing question is: why don't you read the scariest horror books? Allow me to make an argument for the genre.

Last year, while participating in a book challenge, I realised that horror has a lot to say. One of the entries was to write a Halloween-themed novel, which was ideal for me. However, while looking for book recommendations on several message boards, I discovered that many readers were dissatisfied with the challenge's selection.

Is it fun for me to be scared? Sometimes, as I previously stated, life is complex, and fear frequently plays a role. But things don't grow less frightening just because you don't interact with them. It's often the reverse; therefore, horror has a diminishing value.

It's a lot simpler not to be afraid once you realise why something is frightening. Once the monster is exposed, you see it for what it truly is. Scary books can peel back the monster's mask to uncover what we're terrified of, whether external forces, our destructive potential or something else entirely. Sure, you could prefer something light and airy like a great soufflé, but there's nothing wrong with a rich and dark chocolate cake now and then.

Let’s face it; no matter the reasons for reading the best horror books, many other readers have their reasons for doing so. Maybe they enjoy the thrill of adrenaline, or they were born fearless and unfazed by anything. Perhaps it's therapeutic or how they define enjoyment. 

Whatever your motivation, I hope my genuine, perhaps a little too nerdy diatribe has persuaded you to give horror a chance, even if you're terrified. You might be braver (or less frightened) than you imagined.

When reading a scary story, there are five steps to take. In no time, you'll be afraid.

  1. Don't Watch the Movie Before You Read The Book-

When starting new scariest horror books, this is the most crucial phase. If you've watched the movie, chances are you won't be startled by the book (unless you're a nervous person). What's the sense of reading a book if you already know who will die and when? 

Choose a novel that hasn't been converted into a film (or TV show) or go all out and choose a book that hasn't been adapted into anything else—that way, internet images won't spoil you.

  1. Wait Till You're Alone in The House-

Someone else talking in the background breaks the mood of a horror novel more than anything else. Wait until your house is entirely silent before curling up with a blanket and beginning to read. For the time being, enjoy the silence. 

Your floorboards will begin to shift, and the humming of your refrigerator will frighten you. You won't be humiliated by your high-pitched scream if your cat sneaks up behind you on the couch and scares you to death.

  1. Begin Reading as Soon as The Sunset-

Being alone at home is one thing, but being alone at night takes things to a new terrifying level. When the sun begins to set, start your reading session. Horror novels become scarier as you progress through the plot, and the decreasing light will depict that growing unease.

  1. Turn Off All of The Lights in The Room-

Don't turn on a lamp until the sun has set. Instead, keep the lights turned off and enjoy the silence. Then, grab a flashlight to illuminate the book pages while keeping the rest of your surroundings hidden. Of course, you won't be able to see what's lurking beneath the bed...

  1. Read It All at Once-

Give yourself no time to escape your horror novel's scary location. Instead, read your best horror books in one sitting to keep the chills at bay. Of course, reading various books in one sitting can be beneficial, but horror novels are in a class of their own. As you flip each page, your heart will be racing, and you'll be reading faster to finish the story.

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