How to avoid getting kidney stones?

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Kidney stones are small, hard mineral deposits that are formed inside the kidneys which cause immense pain when passed through the urinary tract. Research says that once you've had kidney stones, there is a 50 percent chance that you might get another in the next ten years. Therefore, we have enlisted some preventive measures for you to consider to avoid kidney stones.

1.    Stay Hydrated 

The easiest way to prevent kidney stones is by staying hydrated. The lesser the water you drink, the more concentrated will be your urine, making it difficult for the kidney stones to dissolve. Also, the lower the output of urine the less will it dissolve the salts causing kidney stones. Drinking orange juice and lemonade is advisable since these contain citrate which prevents stone formation. If you feel constant pain while urinating, visit the best kidney doctor in Chandigarh to seek consultation.

2.     More intake of Calcium-rich food

Kidney stones are primarily formed due to crystal-forming substances including calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. Consequently, people avoid the intake of calcium. However, infrequent intake of calcium increases the risk of kidney stone and even causes osteoporosis. Excess calcium supplements might increase the risk for kidney stones but adding supplements to your meals can nullify their effect. 

3.    Eat less sodium

High salt diets can increase your risk of calcium kidney stones. According to medical researchers, excessive salt in the urine prevents calcium from being reabsorbed to the blood. This causes high urine calcium, which may cause kidney stones. Decreasing the amount of salt in your diet helps in lowering the risk of calcium kidney stones. Food items including canned soups and vegetables, condiments, and processed food should be avoided.

4.    Avoid Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C supplementation can increase the risk of formation of kidney stones, particularly in men. Instead of taking Vitamin C directly through supplements, you can increase the intake of food rich in the vitamin. Studies have found that men consuming Vitamin C supplement are vulnerable to double the risk of kidney stones.

5.    Avoid oxalate loaded food substances

Oxalate binds with calcium in the kidneys to form kidney stones. Less ingestion of oxalate-rich substances will lead to the prevention of the formation of stones. Spinach, peanuts, coffee, soy products, wheat bran, etc. should be averted. You can get detailed information on the prevention of kidney stones from the nearest best hospital in Chandigarh.

The bottom line to all these preventions is that the probability of the formation of kidney stones can be mitigated if taken proper care. If you have a history of kidney stones, you might want to seek medical attention and schedule an appointment with the best kidney doctor in Chandigarh

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