How to attract people's attention when wearing a mask?

by Lily C. wholesale products adviser

We are all stuck at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And on the rare occasions that we go outside, we have to wear masks. A lot of people who used to really love putting on makeup no longer do so because makeup cannot really be seen much. However, if you really want to still be attractive when wearing a mask, there are several things that you can do. Here is a list of things that you should definitely take note of if you want to be in style even when you are wearing a face mask whenever you go out.

#1: Take care of your skin.

When you have good skin, it will show like the skin on your forehead, the exposed parts of your nose and cheeks, and also the skin on your body. Your skin will be one of your best assets here so you should definitely take care of it. Who does not want healthy glowing skin, right?

#2: Style your hair. 

Put the attention towards your hair. You may dye your hair a really good attractive color such as pink or blue or a great shade of brown or blonde. Or you may style your hair with a hat, and other fashion jewelry for the hair. There are so many fashion jewel for the hair that you may try out such as headbands, hats, caps, scarves and more. Here are also some hair fashion jewelry ideas for when you next go out for you to look attractive even with your face mask on.

First, you may wear hair accessories. These hair accessories come in different forms. You may wear a bandana that would really look cool on you or you may also wear hair pins. And who said that hair pins have to be boring? Wear shiny hair pins to look classy. You may also wear a variety of headbands to keep your hair off your face and to really look beautiful too. A headband just like a bandana can also hide your hair if you are having a bad hair day. Or you may tie your hair up with a ribbon or a hair scrunchies. And you may also wear fashion jewelry such as hair clips! Or if these fashion jewelry for the hair are not enough, why not wear hats or caps, or even a beanie?



#3: Focus on your eye makeup.

If you used to wear full face makeup or lipstick or lip tint only, you should definitely change your makeup routine now focus on the eyes. What you can do is to wear glamorous eye makeup instead. You may instead fix your brows, wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, or even mascara or even fake lashes.

#4: Wear a great outfit.

You may turn the focus to your outfit instead. What you can do is to wear a great outfit. With your outfit, that will be where all the attention goes to. You may wear really cool clothes or shoes, and the likes.

#5: Accessorize your outfit.

There are so many ways to accessorize your outfit. There are a lot of accessories that you may try out. This way, it does not matter much that your face cannot be seen because your accessories or your fashion jewelry can already make you look really attractive. Here are some fashion jewelry that would really look great with your outfit.

There are various fashion jewelry that you may wear. There are limitless options. For example, you may wear a really cute bracelet or even an anklet if you wish to! Anklets look really great with footwear. Even if you just wear flip flops, wink an anklet, your feet automatically look fashionable. You may also wear various rings in which you may only wear one or several rings at once just like mid rings which are really cute and trendy. There are also various necklaces that you may try out from long necklaces to chokers and the likes. You should also try out various earrings for fashion jewelry. These earrings frame your face and they look great too especially with hair accessories on and a cute mask. Furthermore, if you dont really like putting on eye makeup, what you can do instead is focus on eyewear and wear sunglasses instead.

#6: Wear a fashionable face mask.

One thing that you may also do is to accessorize your face mask. You may wear fashionable face masks that still look cool and cute.

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