How to Arrange Parental Controls on Netflix

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Nowadays, Netflix is growing as a home for entertainment, considering lockdown is going on these days, the channel is becoming even more popular.  If you have children at your home, it could be pretty embarrassing when they play any adult movie accidentally on your Netflix. Especially, it could be a lot disappointing if you are busy doing something else. Then your little daughter plays a romantic movie in your home theater, and an adult scene starts playing. It can make a very bad impression on your children’s minds. They might get confused or even get frightened of what’s going on.


That’s why parental control is indeed required these days in an entertainment service like Netflix.

Netflix does offer one of the best parental controls in the entire entertainment department. At the same time, the streaming service also contains some intense level age-restricted content that shouldn’t be played in front of your kids. Suppose you play an R-rated film on your Netflix, and your little son gets badly frightened after watching a bloody gore scene.

In order to avoid unwanted or sensitive Netflix content for your kids, then you have landed on the right website. Let’s learn how to do it!

How to Use Parental Controls on Netflix

Creating Individual User Profiles

The best thing about Netflix is that you can create various user-profiles, and you can create a dedicated profile for your kid. Once you create a kid’s profile on Netflix, in the profile, there will be the only content that is suitable for your kids.

You will be able to set up what kind of shows and movies your adorable daughter or son can enjoy via using parental controls. To get parental controls on your Netflix, make a kids section or profile.

Here’s how to get this done:

  1. Turn on Netflix.
  2. Go to the Profile page.
  3. Navigate to “Add Profile.”
  4. Enter the required details and make sure that you can only make up to 5.
  5. Tweaking Parental Controls
  6. Head to Account Settings
  7. There you can manage all user profile settings and change them according to your preference.
  8. You can also manage the settings of your Kid’s profile.
  9. You can change language, profile lock, content viewing restrictions as well as you can inspect the activity of your kid.

Tweaking the View Restrictions on Netflix

Now you wish to limit what your child can see and what can’t. For this, you need to set up the “Viewing Restrictions” settings of your kid’s profile. Let’s make it happen:

  1. Go to Viewing Restrictions.
  2. Change the age group that is suitable for your kid.
  3. You can even limit specific content there.
  4. So use the options provided there carefully to ensure your kid’s security.

Lock Other User Profiles on Netflix via PIN

It is one of the newest features on Netflix, and now you can lock every particular user profiles with a PIN so that your kids can’t open adult user profiles when you are not with them. These days your kids are far smarter than what you may even imagine. Even if you have created a separate profile for them and have limited the things they can see, they will surely try to use your profile to watch more shows and movies that are restricted for them.

You can now easily avoid this situation as well by using a Netflix User Profile PIN Lock. Here’s how to set pin lock on Netflix profiles so that your kids can’t access them without your permission:

  1. Go to the profile you want to lock via a pin.
  2. Then head to “Change.”
  3. Provide the account password.
  4. Make sure to select the option that says “Require a PIN to access……”
  5. Then put in the PIN you want to use.
  6. Save the settings.

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