How to adjust fuel supply in Cummins diesel generators

by Generator D. Diesel Generator

Today Starlight Power generator manufacturer tell you how to adjust fuel supply in Cummins diesel genset, hope it is helpful to you.

If the fuel supply of each cylinder of Cummins diesel generator set is not uniform (for example, the fuel supply of some cylinders is too large and that of some cylinders is too small), the stability of engine operation will be directly affected. The fuel injection pump can be removed to check and adjust on the test bench. However, if there is no test bed and it is necessary to check the uneven fuel supply, the fuel supply of the suspected cylinder can also be roughly checked. Inspection and adjustment method:

1.Prepare two glass measuring cylinders for use. If the measuring cylinder cannot be found for a while, two identical vials can be used instead.

2. Remove the high-pressure oil pipe joint between cylinder 1 with excessive fuel supply (or too small) and fuel injector.

3. Then remove the high-pressure pipe joint between cylinder 1 with normal fuel supply and fuel injector.

4. Insert the two tubing ends into two measuring cylinders (or vials) respectively.

5. Use the starter to turn the engine to make the fuel injection pump pump oil.

6. When there is a certain amount of diesel oil in the equivalent cylinder (or small bottle), put the measuring cylinder on the horizontal platform to compare the amount of oil, then we can determine whether the fuel supply is too large or too small. If a small bottle is used instead, it can be weighed and compared. The relative position of the fork (or ring gear) on the adjusting rod (gear rod) of the fuel injection pump can be adjusted. To P_ The pump can be adjusted by turning the flange sleeve.

During the operation of Cummins diesel generator set, the following points should be paid special attention to according to experience:

1.Loosen the fixed screw of fork (or gear ring, or flange sleeve). Only a small amount of movement is needed to change the oil supply quantity. Do not move too much, otherwise it is difficult to adjust accurately (if necessary, mark the initial position for easy comparison).

2.After each adjustment, the tightening degree of the set screw must be confirmed.

3. When adjusting the fuel supply, it should be ensured that the oil quantity is not higher than the standard oil supply. This is because the adjustment is carried out at low speed. Considering the influence of many factors such as oil leakage, a large nonuniformity (30%) is allowed at this time, but at high speed, due to the influence of throttling and other factors, the allowable unevenness is small (3%). If the fuel quantity at low speed is higher than the standard fuel supply, the high-speed fuel supply may have a large change, or even exceed the rated fuel supply.

4. If there is a big difference between the maximum fuel supply and the minimum fuel supply on the same engine, do not rush to adjust it. First, the outlet valves of the two pumps can be adjusted and installed to check and compare. Sometimes, the fuel supply can be changed by doing so. If there is no change in oil supply after the adjustment, the two pumps should be adjusted one by one.

5. The operation must be careful and careful when adjusting the fuel supply by comparison.

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