How the Dips exercise will greatly improve your upper-body

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

In the midst of countless exercises that can be done to improve the state of the chest muscles and build more fitness is the dips. The dip exercises have proved over the years to be one outstanding exercise, with a result that is incomparable to other exercises that seem to function in the same category.


Below are some convincing reasons why the dip exercise is the best to help you build muscle mass, strength, and very strong upper-body. You need to include the dip exercise in your routine if you’re really going to get serious.


The Basics of Dips

What is needed to do a dips exercise is quite simple. You will need a set of parallel bars, mount your hands on each bar and raise your legs off the ground. Try to link your ankles and bend your knees and hips slightly. You can extend your arms and lean slightly forward from your hips in order to drive the weights into your chest while you bend your elbows. When your upper arms are in a parallel position with the floor, you will feel a slight stretch in your chest, extend your elbows to return to the start.


Improve on the challenge a little bit more by squeezing a dumbbell between your ankles as you press your body up and down. You can also do this another way by attaching a weight plate attached to a chain around your waist. Allow it to hang down in front of you. Doing dips on gymnastic rings are another very effective variation that gives satisfying results.


Benefits of dips

You are definitely going to gain a lot when you do dips with a dips machine. This is just about all the equipment you will ever need to get 100% results from the dips exercise.

The chest dips happen to be one of the best chest exercises around just because it all depends on you and how you do it.

The dip exercise targets the largest middle region, the sternal heads, and the pectoralis from a different angle which bench presses and flyes do.

When you want to enjoy a complete chest and triceps workout, dips are the best option to opt for.


What dips will do for you


Activates your chest or triceps

While dips offer total upper-body muscle activation, it also shifts the focus of the load from the triceps to the chest. You can make the chest benefit much of the work by leaning the torso slightly forward at about 45 degrees angle and allow the elbows flare out. Alternatively, you can also focus on the triceps by remaining uptight with a closed elbow.


Increased muscle fiber

Based on the results of findings, studies have shown that while performing exercises with free torso movement in space help to increase more muscle fibers than in an exercise where the torso is static. This is better validated in a squat exercise that gives better results than leg presses.


Improves your bench press

From testimonials and reviews from professional athletes, the dips exercise will help you immensely on the bench. Your bench press count will drastically improve when you include a dips exercise in your routine.

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