How Sports Help School Students to Perform Better?

by Amit Gupta Education Blogger

Sports not only boosts physical fitness and help in staying fit; it also has a number of other benefits as well. According to research, sports have both physiological and psychological benefits for students as it not only promotes health but is also known to improve mental fitness and concentration.  

Hence, the best CBSE schools in Noida include sports as a vital part of their regular curriculum. Academic involvement will never come at the cost of sports sessions as such schools understand that daily physical activity has a direct impact on educational performance. This post discusses the correlation between sports and academic performance.

Sports help students to sleep better

This not only helps in their growth and brain development but also helps in improving memory and brain function. Rigorous physical activity naturally tires the body out. When the student does go to sleep, they fall into a deep sleep which works to refresh the body for the next day. During the period of a deep sleep, the brain collects all the information that is gathered over the span of an entire day and stores it. In short, better sleep leads to better memory which directly results in better knowledge retention. This is one of the hidden scientific reasons as to why physically active students perform better in exams.

Activity also keeps the negative emotions at bay

Many students underperform in their exams due to the accompanying stress and anxiety. Also, they fall victim to stress eating and excessive sugar consumption owing to the build-up of negative emotions. Sports serve as the outlet for such feelings through physical exercise and students stay in a much better mental space when they are physically fit. With their minds devoid of negative emotions, they perform to their full potential. Plus, the confidence and positivity that they extract from indulging in sports work in their daily life as well. Active students are a motivated group who seldom pass time brooding over failures.

Social needs of students are met

The top 5 schools in Noida maintains the space for a healthy peer-to-peer interaction for a reason. As per our natural wiring, human beings are meant to learn from each other. Be it academic lessons or skills, students readily pick up traits from their peers and start implementing them in their own lives. Sports directly helps to fulfill that social plus academic need. Not only does the bonding of students improve by indulging in sports together but they also learn from each other through healthy competition, teamwork, shared assistance and much more. Outside their classrooms, the playground is where the students can form a constructive community and help improve one another as part of the same group.

Sports build those soft skills that textbooks cannot

In the 21st-century, students have to be much more than being academic prodigies. They must have impressive communication skills, feature leadership and time management skills, and possess the capability of efficient self-management to keep pace with the rapidly progressive world. Top schools in the list of schools in Noida teach such soft skills through sports as the involved activities present direct opportunities to build such abilities. Failure in a game teaches self-conduct and personal management. Balancing sports and regular academics help create that time management sense. Being the captain of a team inculcates leadership skills and constantly playing with peers automatically boosts communication abilities. Textbooks can give theories of such skills. Sports teach by application.

The growing popularity of computers, video games and gadgets tend to make children inactive. It is ideal that students spend more time outdoors playing sports which helps them improve their physical and social skills. Sports break the monotony of the regular study day and help students remain more active and alert during school hours. Being a part of a team inculcates values like discipline, responsibility, accountability as well as helps build a student’s self-confidence and esteem.

All the above effects come together to make students who indulge in sports better performers. The benefits of sports are undeniable, and it is only through a balanced involvement in sports and education can students truly thrive. The GD Goenka Global School maintains such a curriculum on its campus where sports receive the deserved importance. Students have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure with options like tennis, basketball, gymnastics, and many more to choose from. The school’s focus is on the overall development of its students and at no point does the routine becomes purely academic and mechanical. Sports are crucial to give the students a healthy childhood. Along with education, they help to improve their quality of life.

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