How Serious Mass Weight Gainer essential for healthy Weight gain?

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How Serious Mass Weight Gainer essential for healthy Weight gain?

Stimulating the desire to eat is the first step to achieve the goal of weight gain. Due to less eating or some gut disorders, The more our stomach shrinks, the hungry we feel and simultaneously, the less we will eat again. It is a dangerous circle that needs to be broken through supplementing our body which are aimed at weight gaining or maintaining your appetite. The course of body supplements such as mass gainer that support muscle gain, and combined with a balanced diet with regular exercise, gives an excellent approach for weight gain.

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What is a Mass Gainer ?

What is a Mass Gainer ?

Mass or weight gainer  is a body supplement that consists of a mixture of protein and other essential nutrients, which are required for mass building or weight gain. These essential nutrients include protein, carbs, fats and other minerals, etc. The sole aim of a mass gainer is to provide enough calories which are required from body, so that they can help to gain weight.

The carbs to protein ratio in almost every mass gainer is either 2:1 or 3:1. This means that these mass gainers contain more amount of carbs than protein.

The perfect amalgamation of these macronutrients ensures any person with fulfilment of the required carbs and healthy fats to gain weight, as well as the lean protein assists in building the muscle.

Doesn't matter a beginner or a experienced, If you are considering a mass gainer for weight gain, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer could be the excellent choice for you.

Nutritional Values in Serious Mass Weight Gainer

Nutritional Values in Serious Mass Weight Gainer

Serious Mass Weight Gainer is enriched with macronutrients such as protein, carbs, fats and essential minerals etc. The ultimate goal of this weight gainer is to improve muscle building and help in gaining weight. It offers 1250 calories, 50 grams of proteins, 253 grams of carbs. The carbohydrate of this supplement is extracted from starch and fibres found in vegetables, fruits, grains etc. These are an important component of a balanced diet which provide adequate amount of energy for working out and gain weight through muscles building.

The fact that carbs provide enough energy to undertake the work, for which the carbohydrate is really recommended. Creatine, PABA and others ingredients used in this supplement are the chosen through deep research and for effective usage. Serious Mass weight gainer contains very less negligible amount of fat, if even we compare with other mass gainers that are available in the market right now. If you want to gain weight with muscle building, just consume 2 scoops of this supplement after your workout. In addition to, adding one or more natural food items in your shake will make it an amazing drink for your workout routine. You can add natural foods like banana, granola, chocolate chips, peanut butter, almonds, ice cream, whole milk, coconut, oat bran, flaxseed oil, honey and molasses in your drink.

Adding calories in your diet won't be that much easier and tastier,  the way it happens with serious mass. It comes in different flavours options like, chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, strawberry, and cookies and cream.

Benefits of Serious Mass Weight Gainer :

Benefits of Serious Mass Weight Gainer

1. It enhances your calorie intake

With 1250 calories and 50 grams of protein in each serving, it provides adequate amount of protein and calories to gain weight in an effective manner.

2. It helps in muscle recovery

The quantity of over 5 grams of fat in each serving makes it able to provide high calories intake to increase your muscle recovery. You can also add fresh seasonal fruits to improve your mass gain process while enhancing the muscle recovery in faster notion.

3. It provides essential vitamin & minerals

It is the perfect amalgamation of all the important minerals and essential vitamins, which are necessary for nourishment of our physique and helps  achieve our physique goal.

4. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

You can consume it anytime between your meals, pre or post workout session and also before going to bed. If you use it with balanced diet, it is always effective.

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When and How serious mass weight gainer

When to use Serious Mass Weight Gainer?

Serious Mass Weight Gainer is the perfect choice for those who wants to put some healthy weight and bulk up quickly. It comes fully packed with essential nutrients to support full body growth. It is best suitable for those who gets difficulty in gaining weight.

It gives desired results when used as pre or post workout supplement. If you want to have it before your workout, you can consume it about an hour before your workout. It is best to consume it within 30 minutes of your workout for replenishment of glycogen and rebuilding of muscles in effective manner.

How to use Serious Mass weight gainer? 

It is good to mix this serious mass weight gainer with milk and not with water as Using milk results into almost 120 more calories and 8 gm of more protein.

You can combine water or milk or mix them both together. Shaker or a blender is good to mix it if you get lumps in your supplement drink. It is easily digestable and preferable when everything is finely broken down.

You can consume 1 to 2 scoops of serious mass weight gainer for effective results.

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Wrapping Up

Serious Mass weight gainer is the ultimate choice which is designed to level up the workout performance.  It comes with instantized powder formula for optimum muscle growth and weight gain. It is committed to provide you all the support your muscle and body needs to gain weight.

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