How Regular Maintenance Helps Reduce Heavy Equipment Repair

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Want to ensure your equipment lasts longer? Make regular maintenance a part of your schedule. Doing this will not only help boost productivity but also reduce the time it takes to complete a project while saving operating costs and emissions. 


From construction equipment to volumetric mixers, routine maintenance is among the most essential aspects that can help fleet owners get a handle on their expenses. That’s because it enables them to make the most of their investment and reduce heavy equipment paint or repair costs to a large extent. 


This affects profits owners don’t have to buy equipment as often since it has a longer life thanks to regular maintenance. Well-maintained machinery also minimizes downtime and has a better resale value.


Maintenance, when done properly, substantially decreases operating costs both directly and indirectly. It directly decreases running expenses by reducing machine downtime and avoiding breakdown (which leads to costly unexpected repair work). Since the equipment doesn’t shut down unexpectedly, it prevents the entire production site from shutting down suddenly - which can cost thousands of dollars.



Equipment manufacturers advise following a routine maintenance schedule to assess major systems and parts on a weekly or daily basis. This helps detect costly issues early on so fleet owners can stop them from growing and ending up going to a truck parts and equipment. Owners are also able to extend product life cycles to conserve money and resources and decrease their fleet’s environmental footprint with the help of efficient operation. 


Sticking to such maintenance routines and performing inspections are among the initial steps to decrease the overall expense of heavy equipment ownership. In fact, following the manufacturers’ recommendations is a vital component of equipment maintenance because nobody knows more about the equipment than the manufacturer behind the design and construction of said machinery. 


Another advantage of performing maintenance on a regular basis is, you’ll be able to include other application-related maintenance products of your own. Certain climates and environments result in more frequent replacement of equipment and parts. Manufacturers cannot be aware of every individual application characteristics.

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It is important to conduct well-organized inspections of multiple kinds on a daily basis as they help in different ways. Visual inspections, for instance, help uncover operator methods, and you can decide whether to perform a more thorough check depending on machine performance, operator recommendations, and specific heavy equipment repair requirements. 


Maintaining equipment and monitoring its condition frequently will also boost uptime and ensure peak performance levels. When done properly, it will only improve the availability of your machinery. The opposite of this is unexpected downtime caused by a lack of maintenance and minor repairs that would have been detected while inspecting. 


Furthermore, those in charge of inspection must keep an eye on the basics, such as broken lights, leaky cylinders, and damaged windows. These can easily lead to unplanned downtime, so it’s essential to limit such minor repairs to increase productivity and profits. 


Specialists agree that properly scheduled maintenance is far more likely to prevent unavailability and unexpected repairs. That’s because it brings the control into your hands - you get to decide when you will turn the machine off to get fixed. Thus, you can plan downtime in such a manner that doesn’t interfere with production. 

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Additionally, condition monitoring can help you identify failures and keep them from becoming devastating blunders. A simple pin repair and brushing (done on time) at a truck body repair shop will cost far less money and time than the subsequent bore repair that would result in multifold repair and downtime. 


Ultimately, it is vital to keep detailed records and pay heed to the manufacturer’s suggested service schedule. Combined with a fleet management system and telematics (machine-to-machine interaction) will help you decrease the cost of ownership of your machinery, track maintenance gaps, verify engine codes, and eliminate guesswork.

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