How Python helps you to get your Lost job in Pandemic

by Tarun Saini Consultant
A programming language characterized by an uncluttered visual layout and frequent use of English keywords.
Python is a general-purpose language that can be used to build almost everything in the digital world. 
It supports object-oriented programming and structures programming.
This feature of Python has led to its incorporation in various sectors of industries.  It eases the performance rates by providing a better plan of action for both; the service provider and better service for the customer.

Python And Finance Sector

The financial sector is the most intricate industry where the sector is uncompromising. Java has been daunting for this reason. However, python is the most popular due to its easy understanding.
The simple syntax of python allows the rapid development of applications easing the operation. Moreover, the online libraries and tolls of python are easily integrated into the system.
Amidst the social distancing norm, the world believes in going digital. Python-like several other software is being adopted to stay by the protocols.
Finance sectors that have adopted python as their core programming language have accustomed to the use of cards, online banking, mobile wallet, and various financing services to stay safe.
Post-Pandemic Fintech has slowly but steadily embraced technologies like python and ensuring secure online transactions.
Despite; being a slower programming language than C++ and Java. It has shown substantial growth in terms of usage in the Fintech industry.
A three-fold increase in the requirement of python professionals is observed in the market. Data Science with python online course is your jumpstart to career.

Entertainment Industry

It is surprising to witness the use of a programming language in the field of entertainment.
Since the pandemic, people have found it safer to stay home and entertain them. The social distancing protocol has had a huge impact on this industry.

Reflecting its history, the entertainment industry has discovered ILM of 1975. Industrial Light and Magic - special effects powerhouse used by George Lucas to create FX for Star Wars.
Since then python has flagged its position in the industry too. If you are a happening personality and you like glam; used should try your python skills in ILM.
Machine learning and python
So if you are a python professional are planning to strengthen your career, you should try Machine learning.
Machine learning improves personalization and future tendency predictions. Through events like pandemic cannot be predicted but it still holds a strong spot in the future of various industries.
Machine learning paved new pathways in sectors like retails, education, Fintech. All these industries are incorporating M/L to revive their fainted economy; affected due to pandemic.
 Machine learning with python teaches computers to learn from specific patterns and recognizing them, just like a child recognizes after learning from a teacher.

Artificial Intelligence

The ecosystem of python supports the creation of AI and M/L.
Python is used for data management is of utter importance in the current stage of fear. 
Humans are being limited in this quest, due to the ongoing virus war. The AI is capable of processing huge amounts of complex data with high efficiency and lower production costs.

Travel Industry

Creating python AI has shown successful growth. The Arogya Setu App provides a user-friendly interface using python as their core which enables us to detect COVID-19 coverage.

Health Care Industry

With the fear of the spread of the coronavirus, the hospital has limited its services to the patients. 
Python AI projects have revolutionized disease prediction and injury detection; making it less difficult to track patient’s health and maintain it.
Also, the growth of online consultation prospects has increased the implementation of python in health-related applications.
These apps are developing regularly with the help of python. This enables the health care industry to deliver its services at your doorstep; maintaining the pandemic protection protocols.

Gaming Industry

With educational institutions shut down, kids and adolescents have lost their routine.
Gaming has become a crucial part of an individual's daily routine, be it a kid spending leisure time or an adult distressing.
The gaming industry is thus a boom. Python professionals have a good scope to discover the gaming playground with their skills in framework designing and tools used for graphic designing.


Python is not as easy as its definition; there are a lot of layers to peel off. Despite its difficulty, Python is still considered the easiest for its flexible programming language compared to others.
Its ability to integrate with other programming languages increases the implementation in various industries.
Be it Machine learning implementation in the Education industry, Health care industry, or analysis of scale on online platforms using python.
The flexibility of python has conquered a wide array of industries increasing employment opportunities.

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