How popular is Python compared to other languages?

by Himanshu Verma Digital Markting Associate

How popular is Python compared to other languages?

Python is a popular programming language these days. Its popularity is growing evenly despite the fact that there are other programming languages that offer a much better approach to software development and web development.

When you undertake any software development or web development tasks, you ought to behave as if you are working on a project that requires a solid foundation. For any software or web development initiative, a programming language serves as the foundation, which needs to be strong enough to support the building of a complete process.

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How is Python’s popularity affecting the development world?

Python’s popularity is a good thing in today’s times. In the world of programming languages, popularity is reaping good results. With the help of Python’s popularity, developers can expect some kind of ready-made solution to their development issues. Also, the growing community of Python developers is working continuously to improve the experience of developers with Python.

Also, Python’s popularity got the biggest push from its role-playing in some of the tech giants, such as Google.

Why is Python gaining such popularity?

Compared to other languages such as JavaScript, Node.js, Java, Ruby, and PHP, Python’s demand and support are experiencing the greatest surge. Here are a few reasons as to why it is so.

It is easy to access. Python is meant to be an accessible language. That is, writing code in Python is simple, as is software development. It means that your developers do not need to struggle with the language and they can purely concentrate on building the final product.

Its libraries and frameworks are its real-time supporters. Python’s biggest asset is its libraries and frameworks that assist it in handling the coding features and leverage the development workout. Python had it all, from NumPy to TensorFlow and Django to Falcon: it aids in data visualization, data science, natural language processing, complex data analysis, machine learning, and so on.

Its integration as an additive is commendable. Though Python is criticized for its slow performance, its integration with other high-performance languages allows you to optimize your speed without worrying about repetition of code writing.

Maintaining Python is much easier. Compared to other languages such as Java or C, Python has a clear syntax and doesn’t ask for many lines of code. Also, it offers easy readability because it resembles easy-to-read English that takes no particular effort for maintenance.

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How is Python compared to other languages?

Python is a good language for development. If you look at its comparison with other languages, you will find the following:

  • Compared to Java, Python programs run slower than Java, but it takes less time to develop a similar program. Also, its code is 3-5 times shorter than Java's. In addition, it is more dynamically typed than Java.
  • Compared to JavaScript, Python can be used as both a scripting and a programming language, while JavaScript is only meant for use as a scripting language.

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