How Painful Is Childbirth?

by Sam Warne Event Organizer

In the United Kingdom birth must be the worst pain. Therefore, women approach birth with an extraordinary fear of pain and try to eliminate everything to find a good maternity experience. How painful is the birth? Can you have a good birth experience when you are sick?

How painful is the birth?

Meridian-spa  examines pain and work experience. Through his research, he found that birth in general can be described as very painful, but the intensity of the pain varies. About 25% of first mothers and only 11% of experienced mothers find the work terrible or unbearable. In fact, 9% of first mothers and 24% of experienced mothers report experiencing less pain. In 17% of women who are not too sick, "mild" births may not be as rare as we think.

For many women, work is the first experience of real physical pain. Women who suffer from other physical pain generally have lower birth rates than kidney or gallstones, Lyme disease, chronic back problems, certain fractures, two-ear infections, dental treatment and cesarean section. Some women even claim that pain during childbirth is easier to treat than broken heart pain. The fact is that the pain felt during labor is relative. Without comparing other pains, birth is considered the most painful experience.

If only 18% of mothers feel that the work is unbearable, how likely are you to be included in this group?

Lederman's research shows that in general you will feel more pain if:

I am a mother for the first time

Do you have a little education


Having menstrual cramps

Have a history of miscarriage

I have difficulty accepting this pregnancy

Feel the conflict to be a mother

Worried about birth

Fear of being helpless, suffering, losing self-control or losing self-esteem

Do you have psychological problems that need guidance

Having emotional feelings that are not stable

Do you have unrealistic expectations about pain?

Do you have a negative or indifferent partner with this pregnancy?

One of the most shocking truths about the pain at birth is the connection with the mother's belief in her ability to manage it. The safer you are, the less pain you will feel. Another important factor is the number of people you have during childbirth, because your ability to cope with pain during childbirth is influenced by the interactions you have with your friends (obstetricians, doctors, nurses). ). This gives a completely different picture of what you need to do your job compared to the old "high tolerance for pain" theory. You can even become a fool because of pain and stay well with contractions.

In A Wise Birth, authors Penny Armstrong and Sheryl Feldman argue that women who are cared for by fertile residents pay attention to their needs, respect their bodies, and fulfill their mother's duties. On the other hand, women who are challenged by their obstetricians, are humble, suspicious and indifferent, are more difficult to give birth. They concluded that "medicine and technology have proven to be a poor substitute for the attention of real humans, both at birth and in life."

The study of doulas continues to prove that their statements are true. Doula is a professional assistant during childbirth. He did not provide any medical assistance, but his job was with his mother and taking care of all his needs. Maybe the doula rubs her back, suggests a position, couples learn to best pregnancy massage  or just talk to mom. What is the effect of this attention? Women with doulas need fewer medical interventions at birth, are less likely to be pain relief, and are happier with giving birth. Once again, we found that high tolerance for pain is not needed to manage work properly.

Can you have a good birth experience when you are sick?

You can not only endure pain, but also work a lot and be satisfied with the experience, even when you feel pain. In one study, the mill was felt


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