How Online Inventory Management System Is Better Than Spread Sheets And Paper?

by Daljeet Arora Digital Marketing Specialist

You do not need to appraise the value of spread sheets in keeping the inventory stocked. They have already tested the waters coming in with the time. For a small scale business setup, sheets come in as a safe bet because what could probably go wrong with excel sheets, you just have to tag them all in different folders – right? But what if you have to check a month old sales receipt, whose details are blurry in your mind- how are you going to find it in stashed papers?  So instead of purchasing new online inventory management system or getting it custom developed (which alone requires rounds of briefings, testing and changes), the safest and go to choice is excel sheets. You think it is less troublesome because you no more have to deal with stash of receipts and papers and folders. But truth to be told, these excel sheets are not in any way progressive and hence have minimalistic contribution to growth. If you are a small business, then it is the right time to make a shift to a best inventory management software.

Everything wrong with Paper Inventory Management

The problems with inventory management on paper are endless. It takes lots of hours to write down every single entry. For every misspelling or other manual errors, they leave the whole page look nothing short but a mess. Next, you might find it hard to contain all relative information of a product, sale record on one page, as the paper has limited space to offer. Worst, if any of the page is mistaken ably misplaced or wrongly tagged in different folder, it will invite hours of searching and inconvenience that would hinder the ongoing work. The worst of all – all of this clutter could be handled and managed by the person(s) who are actually creating and keeping them.

The custom software development company develop software that fits the business requirements like a glove. Making it easier for every employee and management to access the inventory records. The online inventory management software has user friendly search option where you can search with keywords depending on preference and criteria like – product name, name of the dealer or customer or a specific sales order.

Another plus of the inventory software is all the data and information can be taken in easy backups which include scanned copies of printed receipts and orders (Unlike paper record keeping).

Everything wrong with Excel sheet Inventory Management

They are without any doubt way better than stashing papers in different files and folders in a rack.And also, offer unlimited space (with uncountable rows and columns that could be added at any moment). But still, it has its own shortcomings. You will have to share the file with different departments or employees who need an access to the inventory for different reasons. The problem is, you will not be able to track what changes are done in the sheet and most importantly, who has introduced the change. But with online inventory management system software, you can distribute access rights to every different account/profile depending on the need. Like if store keeper needs an access to the product catalogue stacked in the ware house and nothing else, you can grant that exact access right. Most importantly, you can keep a check on every change made in the inventory and also, on who has made those changes.


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