How Often You Should go to the Mechanic a Year

by Katie Gorden Internet Writer

Your car needs to be well taken care of to maintain optimal performance. As you drive around wear and tear occurs and this needs to be checked to ensure it does not affect critical car parts. No matter what make or model it is you are driving you to need to take it to the mechanic often so he can take a look, repair what needs to be repaired and replace what needs to be replaced. Frequent mechanic visits can save you a lot of money in car repairs. Damages are arrested before they occur and this minimizes the need for car repair insurance or expensive car repair costs. But how often should you take your car in?

As Scheduled by Your Car Manufacturer

When you buy your car you are given a logbook and there may be another book (manual) that guides on proper maintenance of the vehicle. Go through this and follow what is advised. The duration will be different depending on the car model and make. The manufacturer knows best and it is good to follow the given advice.

While some car manufacturers give the required duration for car servicing in months, others base it on mileage. You may find a recommendation of getting the car checked after 5000 miles or six months.

Some cars will have reminders that pop up on the dashboard when the car is due for service while others do not. If you are lucky enough to get a notification, take action as soon as you do. If not, mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone if you have to. Car maintenance is far too important to ignore.

Check Manually if the Car Needs Maintenance

The manufacturer’s recommendation is made with the assumption that the car will be driven in standard conditions. Your situation may not be what the manufacturer anticipated and therefore it is important to check manually if your car needs professional maintenance.

You need to use all your senses for this. Listen to the sound of the vehicle, inhale and note if you smell anything abnormal, look under the hood for any anomalies, and touch the oil to ensure it is clear. You need to check the following:

Oil color and levels

Condition of tires

Fluid levels (antifreeze, coolant, transmission, windshield washer, etc)


Battery terminals

Air filters


You will note that after some time most things in the car are not as they should be. Perhaps the oil is too dark and the tires are not aligned. No matter what it is you have noticed, you need to have a mechanic check it out.

When Repairs are Needed

Scheduled maintenance is meant to reduce the chances of damages occurring but at times some damages are unavoidable. Whether it is a broken side mirror, leaking fluids, or a problem with the ignition, you need to have the car checked soon. No matter how far your next scheduled servicing is, you need to talk to a mechanic the minute you notice a problem with your car.

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Bottom Line

Your car’s well-being is in your hands. With frequent visits to mechanics, you will be able to keep it operating at its best performance. You may follow the manufacturer’s recommended duration or mileage requirements but also be on the lookout for signs that your car is due for servicing. Consistent car maintenance will save you a lot of money you would have spent on repairs. If you see any signs of damage you should also take the car to a mechanic and have it repaired. The question of how often to visit a mechanic in a year lacks a specific answer, it depends on the above but never forget how important it is.

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