How Not To Get Locked Inside Your Car?

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Getting locked in your car is sometimes even worse than getting locked out of it. A lot of people tend to lose their mind and start to panic. That is wrong. This article focuses on what to do in such a scenario and how to avoid getting locked in your car, altogether.

Getting locked in your car is not uncommon. It happens a lot of times to a lot of people. Getting locked out if your car is far more common though. However, it is safer and easier to get into a car if locked out of it. You can call someone to open the car without a key or you can just break into your car temporarily. But, if you are locked in your car then it is a little precarious. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get out of your car if you are locked out. 

What to do when locked in? – remember these steps

The first thing to remember when you get locked in your car is that it is not something too serious and happens to a lot of people. You might have kept the key outside or it might have just broken. Then, you would need cheap car key replacement in OKC. Mentioned below are a few things that you need to do if you are locked inside your car ever:

Don’t panic – a car isn’t airtight so you will get enough of oxygen even if you are stuck inside. Therefore, there is no reason to panic. You need to stay calm and breathe. You shouldn’t panic because then you tend to lose out on your breath. You should always stay calm and think of what you need to do.

Try and break the windows – if the door locks won’t open and the windows won’t roll down either, then try and pry open the windows with something that is present in the car. You can break the windows as well. However this is something that you should do in case nobody is around.

Call for help – you should call for help or call your nearest automotive care or locksmith to help you get out of the car.

 What are the solutions available?

Using FOB keys: FOB keys allow you to remotely access your car and lock and unlock it as well. It pops the trunk as well. If you have an FOB key lock system then there is a chance that you will find a way to get out even if you get stuck inside your car some day. This way, you will be able to open the car by using the FOB key functions while sitting inside the car.

Keep locksmith’s number on speed dial: unless you plan on sitting and awaiting your rescue, you should have the phone number of your 24/7 emergency car locksmith on your speed dial. That way, you can call him whenever you get stuck inside your car. Auto locksmiths can break the lock open, open it using their tools or even just fix the broken lock and make everything alright.

Either way, a locksmith is someone who can get you out of such a situation in the shortest amount of time and other minimal damage to you or your car. Also, sometimes, a locksmith can provide consultation services over the phone if he or she is unable to be present physically. That way, if you are ever to find yourself locked in, they can tell you what to do to get yourself out or at least try to do the same. In case you are unable to do so, they would arrive.

These are the four basic ways by following which you can ensure that you are not locked inside your car. So keep your locksmiths number at hand and make sure you choose a reliable locksmith. Be it getting locked inside or issues of lost car key – they can handle it all.

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