How Network Provisioning Tools Simplifies The Functionalities Of OTT

by Eva Braughly Freelance Writer/Blogger


Over Top (OTT) utilization was still in its budding stage before COVID 19 started. It has become a way of life for most people. They consume their content and services using OTT platforms. This is why it is heavily important for OTT platforms to utilize reliable network provisioning tools for a seamless provision of services. Advertisers, marketers, entertainers, and companies have been utilizing the OTT platform to advertise or screen new movies. It is also used for live video streaming. It provided many people to have an alternative platform in overcoming the mandated social distancing as they can get services using OTT services.


Uses of OTT:

  • OTT is referred to in that way since they stream content, media on to the viewers over the web. No cable connections or broadband services are needed. This straightforward availability of interesting content from within the confines of their homes has resulted in the migration of traditional media consumption to online platforms. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube, Hotstar, and many more have become buzzwords now with people accessing them on live streaming platforms.

  • OTT, however, isn't a standalone kind of service. it's the method of provisioning content using the open internet regardless of the web access provider. It had been initially used for the online streaming of TV programs and videos. 

  • Additionally OTT isn't used for streaming or watching content only. It can be used to advertise and market products and services. The OTT offers several advantages to this aspect like:

    • Data transparency: Metrics cannot be measured in traditional TV consumption which is predicated on extrapolating interpreted data. What a consumer watches, for more than the time he watches the same show, when is he watching it, which device is he watching content from, etc., are just a few parameters that OTT had data about. 

    • Micro-targeting: Advertising campaigns are all about finding the proper audience niche and running taste-specific content. With better data analytics OTT platforms offer advertisers the advantage of analyzing who their audiences are, what they need, and the way their tastes are often catered to so that conversions are facilitated. Thus, micro-targeting becomes easier and there's also greater engagement with the buyer. The advertiser is also prepared in conveying the messages in a better method.

    • Smooth transition process: Many companies aren't very conducive to the thought of running a digital marketing campaign. They still look towards the normal TV consuming audience for gaining leads and facilitating conversions. For companies and individuals with this mindset, OTT streaming paves a smooth way for transitioning from traditional TV to OTT advertising. With similar formats being followed in both companies can maximize both the resources to realize better ROI.


Network provisioning tools are utilized for the seamless provision of having attractive customer services. In a competitive market provisioning, the aforementioned factors on ARPU and take-up rate are essential to achieve a system’s goals. After the liberalization of the telecommunication market, some major operators have diversified the activities into various related businesses. 

This will provide a variety of content and services to customers. Nonetheless, multiple telecommunication operators are struggling in providing value-added content and services to compete with what the other service provides offers in the market. The major players in the market are Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The industry-wide attempt for diversification has prompted operators to use network provisioning tools, which is mostly followed by a restructuring phase.

The economic consequence of the collaboration of independent and specialized companies is mostly moving their attention to OTT content. The technical side of the system and the inter-industry value creation is mostly facilitated by telecommunication operators who are moving the legacy of infrastructure to automated provisioning.

This further development helped in fostering the decreased coordination and the translation costs which allows the expansion of new customer value propositions. Additionally, it was mostly recognized to lead to more cooperative dynamics and complex competition. These dynamics can be mostly observed among internet content providers and operators who offer their content or services to internet users without the control of telecommunication operators in the process. This is why those internet service providers are called the OTT players.

OTT will be the future of most media content delivery. Companies who will utilize automated network provisioning tools and adapt their marketing strategies to the changing times, they can stand to gain massive benefits. They can capitalize on the rise of OTT platforms. This will help those companies to either stand out in the crown or simply become a part of the crowd.

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