How Much Does Pressure Washing Cost & Can You Do It Yourself?

by Baltimore Pressure Washers Pressure Washing Company

Considering a pressure washing job for your home? Wondering how much it costs?

Well, there is no “industry-standard” price for pressure washing (also known as power washing) your home’s exterior, patio, deck, fence, driveway, or walkways. What you will have to pay actually depends upon a number of variables. These include:


When you hire a professional pressure washer for the job, the amount they quote will largely depend on the time it will take them to finish the job. The time it takes to complete the job, in turn, depends on two factors: the size of the area to be cleaned and the amount of cleaning required. In other words: The bigger the surface area that has to be cleaned and the more legwork it takes, the longer it will take the pressure washer to complete the job, and the more you will be charged.


Different pressure washing service providers use various cleaning agents and materials to get the job done. Some of these will get your property cleaned faster than the others. Also, understand that some cleaning agents are to be used exclusively for specific applications. The methods your pressure washer uses to clean your home’s exterior will naturally be a big part of what you will pay. 


It goes without saying that every business needs a steady stream of profits to survive, let alone thrive, in this crowded market. Pressure washing service providers are no different. Naturally, a company with better equipment, more trained professionals, and a greater reputation in the area will have more profit built into the cost and is going to cost more.

Does that mean you should go for a cheaper option? Certainly not!

You get what you pay for. In this case, spending a little extra will get you a more effective and longer-lasting pressure washing job.

Should you do it yourself or hire a pro?

You are probably also wondering if pressure washing is something you can do yourself or if it is necessary to hire a professional.

Let’s talk about the safety issues that you could face when doing pressure washing. If you don’t know what you are doing or are careless with your safety measures, this job can put you at risk of a serious injury. Pressure washing machines spray water at such a high pressure that it could tear off the skin if it comes into contact with your body. High water pressure can also fling dirt and debris in every direction, including your eyes, resulting in permanent blindness. There is also the risk of slip and fall injuries if you are pressure washing your roof.

Can you take care of all of the above and still be able to do a decent enough job in a time-efficient manner?

There is no point in risking your life or doing a subpar job to save a few bucks. What’s more, a DIY pressure washing project may even turn out to be more expensive if the job is not done right, and you have to hire a professional anyway. Be aware of your limitations and ask yourself, “where can I find the best house washing service near me?” Pressure washing professionals have the experience, knowledge, equipment, and physical capability to do an effective cleaning job on time.

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