How Men Perceive the Idea of Using Sex Toys in the Bedroom

by Jiiang Lui professional writer

The thing with sex toys is that they’re a bit bewildering. After all, even with the taboo gone, most couples find it a bit awkward to use them in the bedroom, especially men.


There’s something funny and bewildering about sex toys. The taboo about using them when you’re alone is almost gone, but a lot of couples find it a bit awkward to tag them along in their bedrooms, especially men in heterosexual relationships. Women often wonder how their male partners will perceive the toys and how they’ll react. There’s always a possibility that they’ll take it the wrong way. Or, women may end up suggesting that the presence of a partner isn’t enough. Of course, the more open-minded men will consider them as something to make things hotter and heavier.


  • In favor of the idea: Whether it’s a Male Sex Machine or something exclusively for females, some men say they’re in favor of the idea. However, they also say that the toys don’t excite them. They’d happily help their female partners experiment with adult playthings, but they’d also like to think their girlfriend would feel satisfied with their male partners only.


  • Trying new things: On the other end of the spectrum, some men are fully willing to use a male masturbation machine and female toys on their partners. These people acknowledge the fact that introducing an adult plaything in the bedroom can be an intimidating experience. They also find their female partner’s confidence to explore and attempt new things quite sexy.


  • Strongly against it: Some men go with the flow, while others try to stay as close to the bank as possible without leaving the river. However, there are also a couple of individuals who wouldn’t even dare to stride close to the stream. They want kinkiness in the bedroom, but they’d never let their female partners use a toy on them.


  • Remembering the essentials: Enthusiastic men never forget the essentials, especially when they know their partner won’t hesitate to use a toy on them. They believe using toys is good enough because they allow both partners to be more adventurous while adding spice to a bedroom session, but they’ll never get into bed without a bottle of lube.


  • First-timers: Yes, first-timers can be enthusiastic too. They’re aware that it’s going to feel strange at first. After all, men have been using toys on their female partners for some time. When the tables would turn, they’ll find it weird at first. However, they’re also willing to experience the heightened sensations.


  • Open to it: Men who’ve never experienced what it feels like to use sex toys in the bedroom with a partner won’t hesitate to introduce them if their partners want it.


  • Kama sutra talents: A few individuals claim they won’t turn a blind eye to adult toys if their female partners want to use them. However, these men prefer using their Kama sutra talents and knowledge to satisfy the women in their lives.


  • The expectation: Several men are open to new ideas on how to add adventure to their bedroom sessions, but they also hope their partners want a sex toy simply because their lovers can’t satisfy them.


Ending on a different note


The confessions elucidated above seem somewhat predictable. Then again, as a concluding statement, you’ll read about one more confession that differs significantly from the others. A handful of men believe that the use of pleasure toys is mandatory after several years of marriage. As these devices, whether manually operated or technologically advanced, can keep things interesting in the bedroom, they should be compulsory among married couples. These products have the power to dial down the number of divorces, adulteries, and infidelities.


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