How long does it take to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction?

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A dental surgery that is so common is the removal of wisdom teeth. When the wisdom teeth get removed then their recovery takes two weeks. At the mouth’s backside, the growth of these teeth takes place. When you are 17 to 25 years old then these teeth start appearing in your mouth. Several times these teeth come partially or at an angle instead of coming at the right position. We call these teeth the wisdom teeth that are impacted. Now I am going to describe how long does it take to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction.

After removing wisdom teeth, the time that it takes for recovering is given below:

For closing the wound a few individuals may require stitches. 1 week’s time is required for removing the stitches. In several instances the healing of the wound may take more time because of pain, swelling and bruising. There are a number of stages of the process of healing:

·       In one day, formation of the blood clots will occur

·       Improvements in the cheeks and mouth swelling can be seen in 2-3 days

·       Removal of the remaining stitches occurs in 7 days

·       A relief from soreness and jaw stiffness can be seen in 7-10 days

·       Healing of the mild bruises takes 2 weeks’ time

What will you do for its faster healing?

After the removal of the tooth, the formation of blood clots will occur. In the process of healing the blood clots play a very important role like:

·       These help in protecting the bone that is exposed

·       These help in the growth of the new tissue

·       These help in protecting the infection in the wound

·       Excessive bleeding can be prevented because of these

You have to avoid the dislodging of the blood clots for at least one day. So, for one day:

·       You do not have to drink alcohol, smoke or suck on straws

·       Don’t eat chewable food

·       Avoid drinks that are hot

·       Avoid mouth rinsing

·       Near the site of extraction, you don’t have to brush teeth

If in just one day after the procedure you want to wash your mouth then you can use a mouth rinse that is antiseptic and rinse your mouth gently.

After the surgery the necessary steps that you have to take are given below:

To recover after the procedure, you have to follow the dentist’s advice. For encouraging healing, the dentist will recommend you the medicine that is right for it. The dentist may suggest you that for 30 minutes you have to bite a gauze pad from that portion of your mouth where the tooth has been extracted. When the surgery completes then just after it for a few hours an ice pack may be recommended to you by the dentist for the outer portion of that part of your mouth from where the tooth has been extracted. The swelling and discomfort can reduce if for 15 minutes you will use the ice pack.

Some advice to take care at home

You have to clean the wound regularly so that no infection develops in it. After the removal of the tooth from an area, the food and drink that the people will consume can stick there. As a result, it can be difficult for you to maintain cleanliness in the wounded area. For cleaning the wound, you need to follow some steps:

·       Prevent the infection with the use of a mouth rinse that is antiseptic

·       For lowering down soreness in gums and swelling you have to rinse your mouth with a warm solution of salt and water

·       At the time of sleeping, you have to raise your head. This will provide you much comfort

Foods that you can eat after the procedure

For preventing the wounds from getting damaged you have to eat foods that are in liquid form or soft. For instance, you can eat:

·       Mashed banana

·       Eggs

·       Soft noodles

·       Jello

·       Soup

It will not be good for your wounds if you will eat sticky and chewable food after the surgery. Along with this, you don’t have to eat spicy food, seeds, nuts, pretzels, chips, crunchy food and hard food.

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