How Long Can I Extend My Due Date?

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Sometimes life brings surprises. It’s best to take action sooner rather than later if you suddenly realize that you can’t make payments on one or more of your loans. Moving quickly helps you minimize the damage to your finances, and the eventual cleanup is less stressful if you prevent things from getting worse.

There might be an instance that you ask for a loan extension for your payday loans in Canada with 24/7 guaranteed approval from the lender. Will you get it or not? That’s the imperative question. Well, in normal circumstances, an extension is not available in a payday loan offer. And, you need to know about it well in advance while applying for it. So, here in this blog, you will get to know the information on repayment extension based on the following few points.

A. What is Payday Loans Online Rollover?

B. What is a Payday Loan Extension?

C. Difference Between Payday Loan Rollover and Extension?

D. How Can You Get An Extension Without Paying the Penalty?

E. Why Should You Not Go for Loan Rolling Over Option?

F. Different Ways to Avoid a Rollover

What is Payday Loans Online Rollover?

By and large, restoring or turning over a payday advance means you pay a charge to defer repaying the advance. This charge doesn't lessen the sum you owe. You will in any case owe the head and charges for the rollover.

Some payday banks give borrowers the choice to re-establish or rollover their credits in the event that they can't stand to take care of the advance when it's expected. In any case, many states cut off or boycott these restorations or rollovers.

Assuming your credit is re-established or turned over as opposed to being reimbursed in full on its expected date, you are paying a charge to expand the advance due date. Recharging by paying only the expenses doesn't diminish the chief sum you owe.

For instance, on an average payday advance, in the event that you acquired $300, you might owe $345 in 14 days- - $300 in addition to the $45 expense. In the event that you turn over the credit, you pay just the $45 expense, and you need to reimburse the $300 in addition to another $45 charge 14 days after the fact. That implies the expense of the first $300 credit, because of the rollover, has gone from $45 to $90. Assuming that you turn over the advance on various occasions, it's feasible to pay a few hundred dollars in charges and still owe the sum you acquired.

What is a Payday Loan Extension?

There are instances when the payday loan borrower is unable to repay the sum within the stipulated period of time. And, ask for an extension from the lender. In that, case payday extension is granted for a few days as per the discretion of the lender and particular laws prevailed in a respective province.

It means to say that if you have applied for short-term payday loans in Canada on the same day for 2 weeks and asked for an extension. Then the lender will provide you an extension of 2 more weeks and that too with an additional loan fee. Also, the principal amount of the loan and interest charges remain the same.

So, now, you have two scenarios to extend your due date for a respective period of time. You can either opt for a payday loan rollover or the extension as per your requirement. Therefore, it is imperative to know the difference between the two.

Difference Between Payday Loan Rollover and Extension?

From the above-mentioned information, it is clear to know the respective meaning of payday loan rollover and extension. You should know the difference between the two. The only point to note is how much fee you have to pay for the rollover and how much late payment charges will be asked by the lender on the account of the loan extension. In that particular respect only, you will go for either of the options and extend your repayment date to a particular extent.

How Can You Get An Extension Without Paying the Penalty?

There are chances of getting the required loan extension based on one condition only. You need to check whether the lender is a member of a reputable organization like the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA). According to this organization, a payday loan lender has the discretionary power to extend the loan period of a borrower every 12 months without charging any additional fee. And, this particular plan is called an extended payment plan (EPP). So, yes, you can get the payday loan repayment extension without paying any fee.

Also, you need to take care of the fact that read the CFSA terms or the Customer Bill of Rights before applying for a payday loan. If that clause is available, then you will be asked to sign the EPP amendment while applying for the loan and then get approval. This document ensures the fact that you will get the required repayment extension in a hassle-free manner.

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Why Should You Not Go for Loan Rolling Over Option?

There is a valid reason by many states in the Canada that payday loan rollover option should be banned. It is due to the reason that rollover is always on the expensive side and creates a heavy repayment burden on borrowers. For example, if a borrower has taken up the loan of $400 till the next paycheque at an APR of 391%, then he has to pay $60 as a fee. So, at the time of repayment, the total he has to pay is $460. And, if a borrower goes for a rollover, then he has to extra pay $60 which will be expensive on his side.

Different Ways to Avoid a Rollover

Here, we have listed several ways to avoid your rollover option.

Apply for a Personal Loan: It is better to apply for a long or medium-term personal loan. It offers a flexible feature of an easy installment repaying option that does not levy heavy on your shoulders.

Take out Credit Card Advance: If you have a credit card, then take out advanced cash from it. And, that too at a much less interest rate as compared to a payday loan.

Ask for Salary in Advance: If possible, then asks your employer to give you a salary in advance for meeting your emergency financial circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Will Happen, If I Ignore the Debt Collector?

In case, you continue to ignore the calls and physical presence of a debt collector, then you might get a payday loan court to summon. It will be a legal case against you in court for not repaying the loan on time.

2. What Should I Say to a Debt Collector?

At the time of receiving a call from a debt collector, do not disclose any detail of your loan. Instead, ask for a valid debt validation letter from him. It is a letter that describes all the details of your loan along with the relevant information from the lender. Once your details and identity are cross-checked, and then only answer the question of the debt collector.

3. Do I Have to Go to Jail for Not Making the Repayment? 

No, you need not go to jail on account of not making the payment of the loan. Although, your credit ratings will go down, face an issue in managing your finance and other such problems.

Concluding Thoughts

Getting a payday loan extension is not that difficult and you get succeeded with a reliable lender. Still, it is not recommended for a loan extension that will be much more expensive and burdensome to your existing loan amount. Always try your best to repay well on time with no further delay.

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