How Is A Sword Fighter Trained For Combat?

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If there is one thing that continues to surprise and impress people are weapons. However you use them and whenever they are important, they stay relevant one way or another. And there is no other weapon that has had such continued traction as a sword. Regardless of how and when they were used, they continue to capture the imagination of many people. They have the most impressive and expansive history as well as a good track record. Even in this technologically advanced world with different gadgets, they have their own status. Many people still practice sword fighting for leisure and co-curricular activities and use them regularly. If you want to know-how is a sword fighter trained, you need to know the process behind it. 

It is common knowledge that any kind of sword takes a while to master. You can’t just start swinging it at your volition without proper training. But if you didn’t already know, you don’t start with proper metal swords from the get-go when you train. You have to begin your practice sessions with something known as training swords. Contrary to popular belief, these are not just smaller knives, but they are also made from different materials. Training swords are typically made from foam, wood, or plastic for beginners to practice on. You start off learning the stance, the swinging, blocking, and then attack in that order. To make sure you don’t sustain any injuries as an amateur, training swords are the stepping stones.

Techniques Of Sword Fighting You Can Learn

There are actually multiple ways you can master a sword, depending on what kind it is. Some require more muscle while others work well with more movement. Regardless of which one you pick, there are some basic moves you learn across the board. But one thing that is unanimous is that using training swords helps you transition into professional fighting. 

  • Stance and balance is the first step towards any kind of sword handling. You need to know how well you can manage the length and weight of a sword. This part shows you how to properly grip the handle and distribute your weight in all limbs. How you stand, how much you lean, and when you widen your arms is important information. 

  • The second part is swinging, to make sure you can handle the weight of the sword. You need to grip the sword as tightly as possible and use your body to swing the sword to and fro. The most commonly used movements are swinging side by side, and up and down. Depending on your move and position, one swinging way will work more than another. 

  • This is where offense and defense come into play with swinging techniques. If you are fighting in a defending pose, you will use side by side motion to slash the opponent. If you are attacking your enemy, you will swing the sword upward to downward action. There are also different mixed stances that help in advanced sword fighting and antics. 

  • Stabbing, poking, and clashing the swords are some preliminary techniques that are built on instinct. Once you figure out the basics you can use these to actually develop the strategy and core strength in a fight. 

Types Of Practice Weapons You Can Get 

When you are looking to expand your experience in fighting, you need something to begin practice. The best thing you can get is a couple of training swords that will help you through the process. If you look through your market, you will find a few options that will work. 

Foam swords are the ones to start with when you are learning the stance and position. They are not effective at all for attacking and defense but they can be the stepping stone. Usually, you will also find a large range of foam swords that are fashioned for cosplay and dress up. These are based on different video game and film characters that are famous with comic book and movie fans. 

The second option you will have is plastic swords which are also good for costumes and remedial sword fighting. If you want to learn some basic striking, this a good start before moving onto something robust. There is a wide array of practice swords that are made in different colors, designs, and themes. But for the most part, you can use them for play as well as training. 

The best practice sword you can use is the wooden fighting swords that are the most effective. When you are training for your moves, you need something robust and long-lasting. The wooden swords will work well for someone who has to train regularly. They are functional but not dangerous and they can be crafted as close to the real deal as possible. No matter what kind of sword you are working with, they can be fashioned easily and can be used for longer. 

The Perks Of Using Wooden Weapons 

As you begin to hone your sword fighting skills you need something better to sustain you. Especially at a young age if someone shows interest in sword fighting, the best practice weapons should be given to them. In that case wooden toy sword is a good start to developing a good sense of handling and using swords. If not from a professional standpoint, even as a toy, they will last longer than foam or plastic and withstand damage. 

The other thing is that wooden swords are also better for the environment and health. They don’t get wasted and can decompose easily. They are also easier to customize if you want to add a bit of a personal touch to them. The weight and shape of the swords can also be made yourself according to your needs.

Where To Get Cool Wooden Swords 

There are various places in your local stores where you can find practice swords quite easily. But for anyone who doesn’t have access to them, the best thing is online stores. They have a wider array of options to choose from and also more products to choose from. Knife Import is one such online store that has the best selection of wooden swords for aspiring sword fighters. Whether you collect them or admire them for their outlook, you will have affordable and diverse designs to choose from.

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