How High-Quality Info graphics Can Boost Your SEO Performance?

by Imtiyaz Alam Mind Digital Group

Earlier our focus was on creating articles that were text-based and bulky. For improving the practices of SEO at that time, finding the right keywords was our requirement. But with the passing of time, a lot of improvements have happened in the techniques of SEO. Today visual stories or info graphics have become popular on the internet. Nowadays the visitor doesn’t show so much interest in the complicated data of content and has little or no intention of reading that content after doing so much scrolling. Your eyes will be pleased after seeing the data and statistics if these are present in the form of info graphics. Now I will describe how high-quality info graphics can boost your SEO performance.

How will you define an info graphic of high quality?

When we represent data or information in a visual form then it is known as an infographic. It is basically a topic’s synopsis that is easy to understand and is present in the form of text, graphs, and imagery. An info graphic will be considered of high quality if it is expertly designed, easy to understand, and well-planned.

What are the different types of info graphics?

As per the kind of information present in an info graphic as well as its purpose, we can have info graphics of various kinds:

·       Photo info graphic – When for telling the real story we use an info graphic that is based on the images then it is known as a photo info graphic.

·       Visual resume – For briefly displaying your goals, experience, and skills on resumes you can use this type of styling that is so popular.

·       Anatomical info graphic – In order to understand the way of assembling texture and format of a subject with the help of an analysis we use anatomical info graphic.

·       List info graphic – Here we use icons and text to sort the information with the help of a tool known as a list info graphic. Content can be read easily if it is present in the form of a list.

·       Flowchart info graphic – Growing or splitting off a topic is shown by a flowchart info graphic.

·       Hierarchical info graphic – There are various levels that are predefined for the purpose of coordinating the data with the help of a hierarchical info graphic. Here various levels of organized information are shown in the form of content.

·       Geographical info graphic – Here the data is shown along with a map. For presenting the data of demographics like results of a survey and statistics we can use a geographical info graphic.

·       Comparison info graphic – For listing your products’ pros and cons as well as for comparing those sections of your product, price, and business that are important, we use it.

·       Timeline info graphic – For giving the events’ overview, highlighting dates that are important, and visualizing something’s history we use a timeline info graphic.

·       Process info graphic – A process has various steps whose overview and summary are given by a process info graphic. Each step’s clarification and simplification are shown here.

·       Informational info graphic – Here we are expressing a concept that is specialized or new with the help of visual content.

·       Statistical info graphic – Here we use relevant resources for presenting the data and visualizing the results of a survey.

Steps for creating an info graphic of high quality

·       As per the suitability of the target audience, your info graphic needs to be customized.

·       The headline needs to be impressive. It has to be relevant and short. Critical words are not needed in it.

·       The info graphic needs to be focused and simple.

·       Take the help of a template for creating an info graphic of high quality. Some of the templates are:

o   Mind the Graph

o   Biteable

o   BeFunky

o   Animaker

o   Snappa


o   Infogram

o   Visme


o   Piktochart

o   Venngage

o   Canva

·       The visual information and the written information should be in balance with each other.

·       The width of the written content in an info graphic needs to be 600 px.

·       The limit for the standard length needs to be 8000-9000 px for an info graphic content.

·       1.5 MB should be your info graphic file’s size.

·       Use white space as needed.

·       The work needs to be double-checked and if needed, it should be edited by you.

How info graphic is important for your SEO campaign?

If in your SEO strategy, you include info graphics then it can be helpful to you because of a number of reasons as shown below:

1.For driving more traffic an effective strategy is visual content – Visual content grabs the attention of the people a lot. It has been found that as compared to the written articles a lot more attention nearly 95 % is drawn by the images and graphics.

2.User engagement is more – The user engagement will be better in a content that contains less text. It takes just 2 seconds for the visitor to identify on what topic your website has been created. In order to grab the attention of the user quickly, an info graphic plays an important role.

3.For attracting the audience, a simplified topic plays a good role – Basically providing content that can be understood easily by the reader is the objective of the info graphic. So, to teach something perfectly, we can use info graphics.

4.An info graphic can easily go viral – On social media, an infographic can be shared very easily. As a result, on social media, it can go viral. So, for attracting a huge audience, it helps a lot.

5.It gives you a good ranking on SERPs – If on the SERPs you want a higher ranking of your web page then use an info graphic of high quality.

6.For boosting popularity and increasing sales, an info graphic can help a lot – For delivering your services and product’s exciting presentation, always use visual content as no substitute exists for this.

If someone takes interest in getting the services of video marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing then it will be good for him to get advice over these from some digital marketing experts.

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