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The folding brass knuckle knife is an awesome two-in-one feature tool that has a blade in it which can be used for various things, and it has a knuckle in it that can be used for knocking out enemies that come your way. The tool also has a folding ability, which makes it one hot selling product.

The folding ability of the weapon makes it easier for people to move around with the weapon. The weapon is not a new one as it was first known as the trench knife and was used by the British army for digging up trenches and for close combat fights.

Later, the weapon gained popularity and turned out to be a great addition to military equipment as it turned out to be great for combat. Today, you get to buy the weapon in many styles that include fixed blades and folding style weapons. The weapon is also good for various things, which include cutting, hunting, and surviving.

Build and Types of the Brass Knuckle Knife

Talking about the build, you need to understand the fact that the weapon comprises two tools. At one place, you get knuckles that are present on the handle of the knife, and you get a sharp blade knife on top. The weapon you get is available in many types that vary on the basis of the mechanism and design of the blades and handles. However, you need to understand the difference between the two main types before you set out. 

One of the main types of weapon is the fixed blade, which is a knife that comes with a blade fixed on top that cannot be removed or cannot be folded. On the other hand, the other main type comprises the pocket knife, which is a knife that can be folded and can be kept 24/7 with you. All other weapons you get are subtypes of the above-listed weapons and only differ due to the shapes they come with. 

Some of the knives that you will often get include:

  • Designed Knives

Knives from this collection feature cool designs on top which makes them look cool. You either get the knives with blades engraved, or you get handles that feature cool prints on top. The knives are best for collection purposes as they are inspired by history yet take their inspiration from the past. 

  • Unique Handles/Blades

Usually, knives come with straight blades and handles, right?  Well, no, and that is because the knives you get today come with unique handles and blades. Some knives feature curved blades, whereas some have shorter ones. Similarly, the handles you get today also differ as some are curved, and some come with a different number of holes. 

  • Military and Tactical Blades

Military and tactical knives are next on the list. These knives are replicas of the knives that the militaries in the past used. Both of them are good for tactical usage as the blades they come with are tactical in nature. You get to do all tough tasks with these knives in hand, be it hunting, self-defense, or even just slicing. 

  • Branded Knives

The last types of knives that you will find consist of the branded ones. The branded knives are special because they are replicas and not only that, but they are exceptionally good in quality. Yes, knives being offered by the brands MTech, elk ridge, and the tac force are known for their durability and long-lasting quality. 

Uses of the Knuckle Duster Knife

The knuckle duster knife is just another name by which the knives are known. Knuckles are known by many as a cool name that includes knuckle dusters, knuckles busters, and knucks, and that is why you can call the knives anything you want. 

Just like the many names the knives are known by, you will be impressed to find out the many ways you can use the knives in. The following are a few ways the blades can be used in:

  • Self Defense/Combat

Well, this may be no surprise to all as the purpose of creating them was to give soldiers a multipurpose tool. They used it for digging and cutting, but the main area where the knives proved helpful was that of self-defense. With the knives, one could easily outpower the opponent, and you can do the same thing with the weapon as it is a complete self-defense package. The knife and the knuckle can easily knock out anyone on the go. 

  • Outdoor Adventure

The second area where the dual purpose knives prove beneficial is for your outdoor adventures. Having one in your bags before stepping out for adventures will be a good thing to do. The knives prove good as the fixed blades make hunting an easy job for you. Similarly, you can cut through rough obstacles in the wilds and can set up camps using the folding ones. If you sense trouble, you can get into action quickly with these knives at your disposal. 

  • Collection/Gifting/Cosplay Events

One last area where the knives are good is that of them being used as cosplay props. You can carry them with your historical military attire or can shoot a movie scene with them. You can also go on to build a collection out of historical knives, and people will be stunned by looking at it. If you have a passionate knife enthusiast or collector in your circle, gifting them the knives is another thing you can look into doing.

Why choose these knives over others? 

Many people take a good amount of time researching as to what are the best knives to go for. Well, without a doubt, these knives prove to be ideal because they being multi-functional. Here is why you should be going for these knives over others:

  • Dual features: As you all know, the knives come with two self-defense tools in one place, which includes a blade and knucks. This thing gives them the advantage over other knives that only have blades. 

  • Multipurpose: Talking about the usage of the weapon, you will be excited as they can be useful all the way from indoors to outdoors. You can do everything with them because of the super comfy handles and battle-hardened blades they have. 

To ensure safety, the knives also come with sheaths to keep you and the weapon safe from harm. You can carry the weapon easily in the sheaths that come along. 

Don’t Miss Out On the Unique Knives

Getting your hands on the unique knives is a great thing, and that is because the knives feature rock-solid blades, smooth grips and because they come with an extra feature. Many people don’t look into buying these weapons because they think of them as pricey. 

However, the good news here is that the unique blades in the discussion are priced at a low. You can make a lot out of them by buying them in bulk as wholesale knives. When you buy bulk blades, you get more discounts, thus giving you the opportunity of reaping easy profit out of them.

The other great thing about the folding brass knuckle knife is that you will not have to roam store to store in search of them, instead, you can visit online places that offer the weapon, such as the Knife Import, and can have them delivered to you while sitting at your homes.

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