How Geometric Tiles & Pattern Play Work in the Real World!

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Gorgeous Geometric Tiles: Bring Home the Excitement


Enchanting patterns and shapes can be found everywhere in our natural surroundings, be it leaves, waves, desert sand, flowers, zebra and squirrel stripes, butterflies’ beautiful wings, and even in molecules. Whether it is a perfect semi-circle rainbow or hexagonal honeycombs, circles in tree stumps, or spirals on the seashell. Incredibly perfect geometric shapes of snowflakes or intricate spider webs, which is both full of shapes and a shape in itself. Nature is home to perfectly formed shapes and vibrant colours. Perchance it is this enigmatic complexity that attracts us to the geometric shapes and patterns in the first place.

Geometry is an integral part of the design from start to finish. Geometric shapes have been used for ages as a way to add depth and character to structures across the globe. In the contemporary world also, a lot of homeowners and interior designers are opting for geometric tiles in interesting patterns to add that unique look or create a wow factor for the precious spaces.

The geometric tile trend is becoming tremendously popular this season and shall stay the same for years to come. Beautify your home with the colour combination, iconic shapes, and lively patterns of geometric tiles that allow you to make a statement in any space. Geometric tile can enhance your kitchen, bathrooms, living room, corridors, or accent wall. You can use geometric floor and wall tiles to add elegance, glamour, and chic style in both modern or vintage look inspired spaces. 

Bold and stunning, geometric tile is a versatile material and offered in countless variations of shapes, size, and hues. It comes with endless design possibilities to make a style statement in any given space. These tiles can be used to create multiple patterns and can easily adjust with the colour combinations of the décor. You can get a wide variety of geometric floor and wall tiles at Orientbell to upgrade your space in an artistic and chic way.

Geometric floor tiles

Geometric floor tiles continue to grow in popularity and are an elegant and practical way to bring some gorgeousness and style to your floors. Such tiles can be used everywhere, giving the homeowners a chance to explore their creative side. You can also use them to define space on your floors and create separate zones within your home such as separate your open kitchen from the living room using hexagonal floor tiles.


Geometric wall tiles

Geometric tiles are not meant just for your floors. You can use them to create a stunning effect on your walls as well. Geometric wall tiles not only look stunning, but they can also make a room appear much bigger. There are some amazing options available in Orientbell collection of geometric wall tiles such as:  

The exquisite shapes of geometric tiles

Contemporary geometric tiles are available in different shapes, patterns, finishes, and colours. The buyer can select from an extensive array of delightful options including circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, polygons, diamonds, and pyramids. These different shapes can also be combined in multiple ways to create your own unique geometric tiles trend, the possibilities are endless.

Versatility and creative freedom

One of the most appealing features of geometric tiles is the way they can be adapted to suit a variety of décor ideas. Geometric tiles allow you to get creative, showing off your artistic side and express your uniqueness. Modern trends range from traditional rectangle shapes to the latest diamond, hexagon, and pentagon shapes.

Create new geometric design patterns using classic square or rectangular tiles by symmetrically arranging them or just throw out the rule book and craft a unique geometric effect. Large square tiles lay flawlessly in a contemporary home, whereas small rectangular subway tiles can create a farmhouse charm. If you want to create a modern and dramatic geometric floor, use hexagonal or pentagon tiles. These shapes are making their way into the bathrooms also in all colours, textures, and sizes. Use these shapes on shower floors to demarcate the area in a unique appearance. Diamond-shaped tiles look stunning and make the floor look wider creating an optical illusion because of their layout, thereby making it a perfect shape for narrow spaces such as corridors. You can use classic rectangle tiles in different sizes for creating a herringbone pattern. It is an easy way to add a unique and modern flair to a classic look. 

You can also play with different colours to create a personalised look defining the aura of the place. Use softer shade tiles to create a tranquil and relaxing space, or you can go bold and flamboyant by using strong colours for your geometric tiles. Try Orientbell’s stunning collection of geometric tiles and patterns to create a mesmerising look for your spaces.


Bold and vibrant geometric tile kitchen

The heart of the house, the kitchen, is unquestionably one of the favourite spots for tile ideas. Vibrant geometric tiles are an ideal choice, for swapping out that outdated backsplash for a new one that catches the eye of your guests and leaves them envious. If you are ready to try out geometric tiles in a more extensive approach, the kitchen floor or walls are your next best destination. For a minimalist yet stunning look, you can use neutral tones.

Captivating contemporary geometric tile bathrooms

Introducing geometric tiles to a dull bathroom can instantly turn it into a lovely masterpiece. You can create anything by experimenting with geometric tiles in your bathroom to create a mesmerising effect. A contemporary and minimalist bathroom may have geometric tiles in black and white or different shades of neutral colours. From a small feature wall, backsplash, exquisite shower, or bathtub area to a bathroom that uses smaller geometric tiles to shape large and bold patterns, the design options are endless.

Bring a splash of creativity to your home, with the stunning new series of geometric tiles by Orientbell, i.e. Duazzle Tiles, Eleganz Series, Estilo Series, Multiplica Tiles, Non-Digital, Rhino Series, and Sparkle Series. You will find the right fit to create a high-class design today. From gorgeous geometric floor tiles to stunning patterned wall tiles and backsplashes, they are suitable for a wide range of interior design projects. Add a creative flair and texture to your kitchen or bathroom with these tiles. Going beyond the kitchen and bathrooms, bathroom tiles can add pattern in a classy yet sober fashion in your corridors, living room, or even as an accent wall or statement floor. Orientbell’s geometric tile collection ranges from bold to subtle, allowing you to express your unique style and take the trend to a whole new level!


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