How future astrology predictions go in parallel with the modern science?

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Over the years, astrology has been a widespread science that dwells among the people of India. Daily horoscope is an important driving factor in everyone’s life, irrespective of age or gender. People have been following daily rashibhavishya since long and the popularity of such horoscope is only rising with time.

Starting right from the daily and weekly horoscope that we read in the newspapers to visiting the astrologer in person for future astrology predictions, everything seems dictated by the celestial bodies.The weekly or daily rashibhavishya consists of many common aspects of astrology. If you want to know about them, just scroll down.

The basics

Talking about future predictions of astrology, you need to know about two very important signs - Sun and Moon. The Sun sign dictates the personality of the zodiac and it is somewhat easy to determine, with the knowledge of the exact day and date of birth. On the other hand, the moon sign is a representation of the inner mood and emotions. In fact, the Moon is the second most important celestial body to influence the horoscope after the sun.

However, the determination of the Moon sign requires more insight into the place and exact time of birth. This is because the Moon moves fast around the entire Zodiac signs and remains in each of the houses of the signs just for two days. Hence, if the date of birth is the day when the Moon moved from one sign to the other, the exact time would help to ascertain which house it was at birth.

What is astrology actually?

The existence of the science of astrology among modern science is quite commendable. In fact, what fascinates people the most is the concept of celestial bodies governing and shaping the future of any human.The astrologers try to ascertain the future of any person based on the data like date, time and place of birth. With these, the future astrology predictions include things like illness, inability to get married, or even the best career scope.

Concisely, astrology finds its root back to the Vedic scriptures from the ancient period. The sages from the period knew a lot about the universe that has been known to modern science only recently. Today, it is a part of the science of spirituality and has been observed and concluded as a confirmed methodology, just like modern science. However, since the science of astrology has a lot to do with intuitions (as stated by modern science), the astrologer needs to be of a very high level of spirituality.

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