How Epoxy Paint Used in Industrial Surfaces?

by Zigma Paints industrial paint suppliers

Epoxy coating is a coating compound consisting of two distinct components: an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. When mixed, the resin and the hardener have a chemical reaction that creates a cross-linking of the elements as it cures. When the epoxy coating is fully cured, the resulting product is a durable, rigid plastic coating with a wide range of desirable mechanical properties. Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd. is producing Epoxy Paint for all product categories.

Epoxy paint are known for their outstanding mechanical properties, such as hardness and durability, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. These attributes make the epoxy paint an ideal protective coating material for components in demanding industrial settings. Epoxy surface paint protects surfaces, strengthens materials and protects them against corrosion and decay, making epoxy one of the most widely used industrial finishes.

As epoxy paint suppliers and manufacturers we understand a great product and enhances the position of our market through standardized, tailor-made and efficient solutions. The success of Epoxy Powder Paint by Zigma Paints Group is now enhanced by continuous innovations, better formulations, knowledge and advanced technology for the wide area of application.

Characteristics of true paint on floor:

·        Two-part product in which resin is mixed with hardener/activator

·        Will be labeled "100 percent solids"

·        Costs are typically $200 or more per kit

·        Often applied in conjunction with vinyl paint chips

·        Dries fully hard in no more than 24 hours

·        Extremely smelly to apply; adequate ventilation is a must

·        A very hard and long-lasting surface


Industrial floors made of concrete, even those made of hardening surfaces and mechanical smoothing, but especially those made of ordinary concrete or terrazzo, do not generally comply with the requirements set out above. The application of brushable epoxy paint, on concrete floors, successfully meets requirements for moderate mechanical and chemical strength and provides a good aesthetic finish.

It is a colored 2-component solvent-free epoxy system. Once it has hardened, it forms an easily cleaned final surface that displays great durability and strength against friction as well as resistance to chemical effects, e.g. to thin organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, petroleum products, wastes, water, sea water etc.

Epoxy paint for Walls - Safe & Clean Environment

An epoxy paints also applicable for walls as they are quick and simple to apply, and in no time create strong, hygienic, and easy to maintain surfaces that leave your space looking great. Particularly in situations where chemical resistance, light reflectivity and sanitation are important; epoxy wall is a perfect choice. It can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and withstand moisture that leads to hazardous moisture. This is important in food preparation and handling areas, correctional facilities, locker rooms, hospital operating rooms, veterinary clinics and more.

Unlike high-performance epoxy paints walls coatings, are not formulated with the proper abrasion and chemical resistant polymers necessary to hold up over time. On the other hand, scratches, scrapes and other surface damage do not match the quality of the epoxy wall paint. Epoxy paint works for walls by eliminating seams and cracks that can harbour water and cause unsightly and unsafe damage. Our epoxy paints work particularly well over concrete walls, which are prone to cracks and easily show flaws and imperfections.

At Zigma Paints Pvt. Ltd., we use durable epoxy paint compounds to offer epoxy paint for flooring application services. If you are interested in know more about how our epoxy paint can create a durable and attractive flooring surface for your commercial or industrial facility, please feel free to contact our epoxy powder paint application company.

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