How DRS Kids Preschool Can Help You and Your Child

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I'm sure many of us would like to give our children the best possible start in life. This is especially true for parents who want their child to grow up healthy and happy. But what exactly does that mean? Is it enough for your child's environment to be clean, safe and healthy? Or does it also have to be stimulating as well? Does it matter if there are other children around? The answer is yes; all these factors can play a role in how well your child develops. At DRS Kids Preschool we take these things very seriously indeed - which is why we have developed an approach that has been proven time and again over decades of research into early childhood development by some of the world's leading psychologists at UCLA (University of California - Los Angeles). We firmly believe that every parent should know about our program so they can make informed choices about where their children go when they're not in school or daycare centers during these important formative years before kindergarten begins!

Safe and Secure

DRS Kids is a safe and secure place for your child to learn. The school is staffed by trained professionals who are always on hand to help, as well as equipped with CCTV cameras and alarms. It's also important that parents be aware of the resources available if their child becomes sick or injured while at school. In such cases, teachers will contact the parent immediately.

Clean, Sanitary and Hygienic Environment (toilet training)

You may be wondering how toilet training can help your child. It is a process, and not an event that happens overnight. While it is important to include your child in the process of learning good hygiene, this can only happen when they are able to use the toilet independently. If you are expecting them to do it all on their own, then they will not have any incentive to learn because they do not know what it takes or what benefits there are from doing so.

If you want your child to be independent and self-sufficient in the future, then toilet training them now will be beneficial for them later on down the line. They'll also start feeling more confident about themselves if they know how important it is for themselves as well as others around them (ie family members).

Indirect Outdoor Activities

Indirect outdoor activities are activities that are done indoors, but in a space that is connected to the outdoors. For example, there might be a window in your home that looks out onto an outdoor garden where you have grown plants together as a family. You can then talk about how those plants need sunlight and water to grow. In this way, indirect outdoor activities help us learn about basic science concepts while also getting some fresh air!

Indirect outdoor activities are really fun and enjoyable for children because they allow them to explore their world without having to venture far from home or school. This makes them great for parents who may not have time during their busy day-to-day lives!

Stimulating Learning Ayurveda, Yoga, Maths, Language and Phonics, Music and Dance, Art and Crafts

DRS Kids Preschool has a separate room for each of these activities. The teachers encourage the children to participate in these before they proceed with the core subjects. The children are encouraged to play with each other and make use of these rooms as well as their imagination, which helps them develop social skills that will help them later on in life.

The school has regular visits from doctors who check up on the children’s health, growth and development.

Engaging Learning Activities

Our engaging learning activities are designed to help your child learn and develop, in a fun and social environment. We want to help you discover new ways that you can interact with your child so that they feel safe and secure in the classroom.

Engaging learning activities are an important part of early childhood education because they give children the chance to try new things while developing their self-confidence. The more opportunities they have to try something new, the more confident they will feel about themselves as learners. We offer many different engaging learning activities at DRS Kids because we know how important it is for children ages 3-5 years old to explore their world in different ways!

Fun with Letters of the Alphabet

Learning letters of the alphabet is fun. It's a great way to get your child excited about learning and make him/her feel accomplished when he/she can put together letters that spell out words. Children will love seeing their names written in different fonts and colors. They'll also enjoy writing their own name over and over again, as well as other words they may recognize (such as "dog" or "cat").

DRS Kids will help your child grow in a clean, safe and healthy environment.

DRS Kids will help your child grow in a clean, safe and healthy environment. DRS Kids is a play school in Bangalore that provides a fun learning environment for children. It is located at Whitefield, which is one of the fastest growing IT hubs in India and has some of the best schools.

Our play school has been created with an aim to provide quality education to children from Nursery to Class I. Our principal Mrs Rajeshta Balakrishnan was born and brought up in New Zealand where she completed her early education from Australia’s prestigious International School Sydney (ISS). After completing her higher studies she moved back to India after marriage where she did her Masters in Management Studies from IIM Calcutta as well as Post Graduate Diploma Course on Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC) from Mumbai University’s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Vashi campus. She also underwent training on Child Psychology & Pedagogy at Oxford University UK through CIPS Global Education Programmes Centre which gave her insight into various aspects of child development such as socialization process; how children learn; how they perceive things around them etc., enabling her understand each child’s uniqueness while recognizing their needs so that they can be provided with appropriate learning opportunities within an environment where they feel secure and happy


We hope you found our article interesting, informative and helpful. As always, if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at our contact details above.

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