How Does a Concrete Pump Work?

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

The concrete pump makes it possible to pump wet concrete safely, quickly, and easily. Imagine having to use a wheelbarrow to carry yards of concrete over a long distance. Or try carrying a 100-yard slab with your power buggy. If you’ve ever found yourself in that situation, then you know why a pump truck is a must-have for your crew. Here are a few things to know about how it works before you start checking out options for a concrete pump for sale.


How does it work?

The concrete pump is composed of a system of pipes and hoses. Concrete is poured into a hopper on the back of the truck, which comes with a mesh grate. The mesh grate serves as a filter, removing chunks of concrete or large rocks from the mix, so these aren’t pumped into the truck hoses. Concrete in the hopper is churned by an auger, so it stays liquid and continues to flow. Everything About Concrete says. Once in the hopper, the material moves to the valve system next through small strokes or intervals. The valve will push the mix through the pipe on the truck boom and facilitate the transfer of the concrete.


What powers the pump?

The engine powers up the pump for operation. Local controls mounted on the side of the pump truck control every single function. It is possible to control the pump from a remote distance, though, with the use of a hand-held cable or radio remote controls. Also on the sides of the truck are controls for the outriggers, which ensure the safety and stability of the pump while in operation.


What do you need to know?

When you pick a concrete pump, you need to research your options. Not all options rely on the same valve system, for instance. There are s-valves, ball valves, C-tube, swing tube, gate, rock and more that you can choose from, the Concrete Construction says, depending on your needs, application, and budget. Finding the right operator for your machine is also a key consideration. You need someone with training and knowledge to run the equipment. Be sure to pick a contractor that has experience in effectively handling problems that may occur.


Where do you buy a concrete pump?

Look for a reputable supplier. Read about the firm’s reputation. What kind of track record does it have? What do the reviews say about the company’s products or service quality? What comments stand out from other clients? What products does it offer? Thorough research will save you the time and trouble of ending up with a shady firm.


How do you buy a concrete pump?

Once you find a trusted supplier, understand the terms and conditions of its Return policy. This will save you time in case a mix-up happens, andyou need to return an order. Some companies have strict windows for processing returns. Some have complicated terms. Reading through everything alerts you to whether the processing experience is easy or not. Research so you can steer clear of companies that will make it harder for you to return orders.

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