How Do You Build Sauna Rooms at Home?

by Northern Lights Cedar Barrel Sauna Manufacturer & Supplier of Barrel Saunas in Canada

According to the Finnish, nothing comes before good health – which is generally attributed to the saunas. They can be found almost in every home, workspace and gym. The sauna rooms can be built anywhere be it in indoors or outdoors. If you are keen on building sauna rooms, you should consider a few important pointers to make the most out of sauna sessions.

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Is there anything better than finding somewhere really warm to relax during the depths of winter? It’s no wonder that in Finland – which is farther north than most of the heavily populated areas of Canada. Having saunas is as necessary as a refrigerator.

Floor plans

A traditional Finnish sauna is relatively inexpensive and can be built accordingly to fit any residential space or surrounding effortlessly. The size of the sauna rooms depends on the number of people likely to utilize it at the same time.


The top bench of sauna rooms should be 20” width and 36” from the floor. Keep the benches on wall supports and legs if required. Consider the 2” x 4” cedar with ½” space between the boards. The cubic footage of the sauna room is very necessary in determining the capacity of the heating unit.


Ventilation is extremely necessary in a sauna room to get the utmost level of pleasure and satisfaction. It will increase the speed up the reheating of the sauna room. The shortage of fresh air due to inadequate ventilation or poor management of ventilation can create an uncomfortable feeling. More often, it often results in difficulty in breathing or skin burning.

The expanded hot air in the sauna room comprises of proportionately less oxygen than the denser outside temperature. Sometimes, sauna enthusiasts experience faintness unless the air is changed regularly. A specific amount of fresh air enters every time the door is opened. Generally, two ventilators are built into the walls.

The inlet should be present below the heating unit – generally, a bottom gap in the sauna door or a door vent and the outlet is located on the opposite side, on the ceiling or just below the ceiling.

Room size

You should try to keep your sauna room smaller rather than larger. After allowing for the depth of every bench, you should plan on the space for your heater, an area of 4” around the front and two sides for the fence guard.

A smaller room will allow you use a smaller heater; smaller circuit breakers in your panel ensuring more efficient heating. Both the upper and lower benches are the main components you will utilize to sit and lay down in the sauna. Please keep in mind that, most sauna enthusiasts like to stretch out on the upper and lower benches. So you need to have the main bench wall six feet or longer.

Heater size

The sauna rooms come pre-sized with the optimal heater for the given cubic space – let’s say 7’ ceiling. You can install two heaters if you require servicing a very large room in your home – which is over 450 cubic feet.

Planning the layout of the sauna room –

  • Sauna rooms can be of any size or shape.
  • A sauna door should swing out of the room, not inside the room.
  • Put your door and heater on a long wall to each other, if possible.
  • Plan the bench layout according to your preferences.
  • Sit or lie down in your sauna; so include maximum benching as space allows. The upper bench will be the warmer bench.

Final consideration –

Plan your DIY sauna rooms accordingly to make the most out of your sauna session and buy the top-quality sauna accessories best suiting your preferences and requirements.

This article is written by Cedar Barrel Saunaswhich specializes in providing sauna accessories for DIY sauna rooms. For more information about sauna room visit he website.

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