How do the police manage to recover deleted files?

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You might be thinking that a secure password or erasing it from your phone will protect the sensitive data that is or was once stored in it? Think Again!

The number of smartphone forensic experts is eventually increasing, and they can just retrieve anything that is stored on your phone. No matter the file is deleted from your device or stored somewhere in a hidden application. Police often seize the phone and analyze it, in order to collect certain evidence, and many people assuming deleting it from the phone can never let anyone recover it are just blind from reality!

Be it a video, message, chats, images, or documents that were placed once in your phone and later deleted. Anything and everything can be restored back, like your browser history, a calendar that can reveal things about your details even better. 

Your Data Can Be Uncovered

All of your data can be uncovered, whether or not you have deleted it or you haven’t. It makes it much harder for us to be convinced that wiping away your data doesn’t delete it. This probably haunts us because anyone with a technical background can have access to your deleted files. 

Forensic analysts have dozens of professional data recovery software and tools that they make use of. These tools can help them access to layers of information which is stored, or was once stored in your phone and other devices. 

The Untold Truth

Smartphones are potentially strong evidence in court, as they reveal a lot about the person, give the courtroom a reality check, and often destroy the whole career of a person if caught hiding the truth. The job of a forensic expert seeking by police is, therefore, a challenging one, they put all their efforts and experience in recovering the files. 

Their job may seem challenging but it is never impossible and your data can be analyzed and retrieve through the advanced tools they use. In the modern world, of course, everything and anything is possible, with advantages come the disadvantages of it too.

Setting the Legal Framework

  • You might find it boring to discuss legal aspects of computer forensic and law enforcement on retrieving the data, however, it is a lot more complicated than you think it is. 
  • The old myth where we believed a warrant is required for the officials to examine the device (your phone, computer) is just a loophole for you to believe the myth. 
  • Legislation has given the forensic department the right to examine a device because it helps the case to be cracked and the unexpressed truth comes out too. 
  • There are urgent cases wherein no warrant is required in some circumstances, this is when a genuine concern needs to be addressed by the police your device can be accessed easily. 
  • The question is never about how your data can recover after getting deleted because forensic experts use professional tools to analyze your information. 

What Happen When You Delete a file?

We are only aware of the 50% thing that occurs when we delete a file. It is that the files seem to be permanently erased from our phones. But the rest 50% hidden truth speaks something else. 

Each file and folder that is stored in a drive on your device makes its position in that particular space. When you delete a file from the device, from the file point of view, you may not see the deleted pictures, videos, or images. 

However, until the particular space isn’t overwritten by new data, your old deleted data is still stored somewhere in your device. A file recovery tool if used will be able to access and get back all the information that you think is deleted. One can say that the data is only unseen but not erased forever! 

“The Controversial Case of Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Leads to Police Recovering the deleted WhatsApp conversation of Rhea Chakraborty”

The top and trending recent case of Sushant Singh Rajput itself depicts the powerful capacity of a police investigation that revealed the deleted chats of Late actor’s girl Friend Rhea Chakraborty. As the extensive media coverage was showered on this specific case, the Internet world got to witness the private deleted chats of Rhea being leaked and surfaced on the Internet. 

The Reality

It was reported that Rhea’s phone was in custody by the police and the computer forensic department revealed all the deleted WhatsApp messages of her. This led to the case being more intense and the hidden reality being exposed worldwide on the media and Internet channel. 

If you are wondering whether your deleted information can be restored yet again, you have a clear example of the recent case that has gained intense popularity. No one could have ever imagined that their deleted information from a Social communication site “WhatsApp” could be revealed too. The chats were deleted but were retrieved back again through a professional tool used by the department. 

This is done on a legal basis and can never be denied, which makes your information exposed to the police in no time. 

Techchef Can protect Your Deleted Private Information from Hackers

Not all information is worth sharing, especially when it's too personal. If police can determine the information by seeking the help of a forensic department. Imagine, anyone with a technical background can misuse your information too.

The deleted information from your phone can be accessed by hackers and other intruders who can spoil your image. If you don’t want to face a situation like this, you can rely on Techchef for the same. 

We are the leading Data recovery and Data sanitization solution provider. We know how important it is for you to delete a file and make it inaccessible forever. You don’t want your sensitive data to be exposed out there. Therefore, our sanitation solution ensures completely erasing your data.

We use tools and techniques that make it simply impossible for anyone to seek out your information. Our experts perform the work on your device in a clean room and ensure your data is secured and kept safe. We erase it from our data too so you can rely on the safety and confidentiality that we maintain for our clients 

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