How do Personal Injury Claims Work in Dublin, Ireland?

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Personal Injury Claims Ireland

Each year more than one thousand personal injury claims are made in Dublin. Out of them, whiplash is the most common, which accounts for at least 80% of the insurance claims that are made. If there is a neck injury, the average amount that will be paid to you will be €15,000. However, it can go up to €77,900. This suggestion is made by the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. However, do you know what happens in a personal injury claim, or what is the meaning of the term? How will you calculate it?

Understanding personal injury claim

First of all, a personal injury will never cover whiplash that has occurred because of a car accident. Please note that. However, what you would be happy to know is that there are all kinds of cases where you can apply for a personal injury. The issue that you are currently facing could be a physical one such as a dislocated shoulder or a severe concussion, and sometimes it could be a pervasive psychological one too, which could be challenging to diagnose. No matter what the case be, both the issues can be caused due to an accident that didn’t happen because of your fault.

You never know how your life can get affected because of an accident that you couldn’t stop, and unfortunate things can happen personal injury claims are here for your rescue. To explain it in simpler terms, if you have been hurt, and you are spending money on tons of medical bills because of an injury that was caused by someone else, then you could be entitled to make a personal injury claim in Dublin. Readers may note that there are all kinds of injury claims. Some of them are as follows:

  • Road and traffic accident claims
  • Car accident claims
  • Bicycle accident claims
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Motorcycle accident claims
  • Work injury claims

How will you calculate your payment for personal injury claims?

The personal injury solicitor will be in a better position to tell you the lump sum amount that you will be entitled to. There are numerous conditions applied, which can be what is the implication of your future health after the injury, how badly it has affected your day-to-day life, the age of the victim, whose fault was it, how much are you spending on the medical bills, when are you making a claim, and so on.

All things need to be considered, and that’s why you need a solicitor who will calculate and will make an informed decision whether to make a claim or not and if yes, how much money can you expect in return if you win your claim. The Book of Quantum has all the information that you need regarding the claims that you have made. The book also contains the amount you can expect depending on the type of issue you are facing.
This is what you can expect:

  • If you have a severe concussion, then you can expect to receive up to €74,000.
  • Those who have had a skull fracture, they can receive up to €105,000.
  • In case of loss of sight in one of the eyes, the claimer will receive up to €140,000.
  • If you lose your thumb, the compensation could be up to €80,000.
  • Those who have suffered from a dislocated shoulder should receive up to €75,000.
  • In the case of a punctured lung, you can get up to €82,000.
Making a personal injury claim is never easy, and it is better to get in touch with a solicitor. Unless you know in and out about personal injury claims, you will find it extremely difficult to fight for. Plus, you will need someone who will fight for your rights too. And you get up to 2 years of time from the date of injury to make a claim. These are some of the reasons why you need a solicitor for personal injury claims in Dublin.

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