How CBD Can Counter Adverse Effects of Alcohol?

by Andrew Winslow Herbal Extractions

While drinking alcohol in moderation is fine in most cases, grain alcohol is not something to add to one’s list of alcoholic beverages. It is manufactured as an intermediate substance that finds several industrial and medicinal uses. However, it needs to be diluted to reduce its concentration when one wishes to use it in drinks.

What Is Pure Grain Alcohol?

It is also called ethanol which is a neutral spirit, twice distilled, and derived from fermented grains. Alcohol is usually obtained from distilling and fermenting different grains such as rye, rice, corn, and wheat. Of course, the kind of grain you use will produce a different alcohol type. Usually, grain alcohol which is of 95 percent alcohol concentration is a highly potent substance. Everclear grain alcohol is such a substance produced by Luxco. This is a range of rectified spirit products of the company. They produce this product with different alcohol concentration levels. Due to the health risks in 90 and above percentage alcohol content, the company is known to produce mostly the 189 proof variant.

Gain alcohol is made from a fermented mixture of grains. These usually include sugar, water, yeast, and corn. The resulting alcohol produced from this fermentation process can be as much as 200 proof pure. Everclear grain alcohol has no smell, taste, or color. It is distilled as a clear liquid. There is a burning and harsh aftertaste for which it is not recommended for direct consumption. However, when diluted with other liquids, it can be fit for consumption.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a compound that naturally occurs in cannabis plants. The full extraction cannabis oil has beneficial properties, unlike THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is the active ingredient in cannabis and has psychoactive properties. Hence, unlike smoking marijuana which can cause harmful effects, CBD has several beneficial health effects. One of them is countering the harmful effects of full-proof alcohol if it is consumed directly.

The full extraction cannabis oil, is mixed with carrier oils such as hemp seed oil, pal, olive, or coconut. This is then used to form tinctures, shots, capsules, and sprays. There are several health benefits that cannabis oil provides. For instance, it helps reduce anxiety, improves skin health, and aids pain management.

Harmful Effects of Pure Grain Alcohol

Hundred and more percent proof alcohol is made for industrial processes, to be used as an intermediate product in making other end products. If such alcohol is consumed directly it can cause damage to cells. Liver damage is most likely along with developing chronic diseases like pancreatitis.

How CBD Can Counter it?

The cell damage that alcohol consumption causes can be healed with cannabis oil products. It can reduce cell damage by as much as up to 49%. This is especially true for those who suffer from fatty liver disease. Also, CBD consumed with alcohol helps lower levels of alcohol in the blood. 

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