How Can Your Business Benefit from AngularJS Web Development?

by Jessica Bennett Tech Enthusiast Mobile and Web App

In today’s tech-savvy era, technology is evolving on each passing day. Recently, hiring a certified AngularJS developer has become almost a trend for businesses in diverse industries.


Today, the business market is so vying that having an impressive online presence is no longer just an added advantage. Rather, it has become almost a necessity for businesses globally. Now, in such a scenario, AngularJS has created a lot of buzzes when it comes to enterprise application development. 

Powered by Google, AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source framework. And this powerful framework is mostly used by web developers to build impressive front-end in web development. No wonder why the demand for an AngularJS web development company is at peak these days. 

According to the report by BuiltWith, 1,152,159 live websites are presently using AngularJS

Source: BuiltWith 

Let’s take a look at some of the popular web applications and websites that are making use of AngularJS web development services. 

List of Social Web Applications

AngularJS framework is the engine behind many renowned web applications.

  • LinkedIn

  • Getty Images

  • Udemy

  • Chatbase

  • Mallzee

  • Microsoft support, and many more.

List of Websites


  • The Guardian




  •, and many more.

So far, you may have already got the point that AngularJS web development is trending these days. Now, enough of what other businesses have done and all. Let’s dig a bit deeper to see how AngularJS web development services can benefit your business.

Business Benefits of AngularJS Web Development 

In the past few years, AngularJS has significantly increased its footing in the realm of the web development industry. Today, many enterprises are starting to embrace AngularJS development as a practical decision for new projects. Let’s see why are they doing so.

The easier and faster development process

This latest technology is derived from HTML. Hence, a certified AngularJS developer will not require much time to code the entire web application. AngularJS experts can easily and quickly create new web applications with much less effort.

Now, a shorter development timeline means fewer development costs which most businesses find very intriguing. 

Code Reusability makes sure improved development efficiency

Another interesting feature offered by the AngularJS web development framework is code reusability. With this feature, AngularJS experts can reuse the same chunk of previously written code. Thus, developers can focus more on the web app’s efficiency instead of just writing a lot of codes. 

Two-way data binding

Usually, responsive web application development takes time. However, the two-way data binding feature offered by AngularJS makes sure AngularJS rapid application development. Businesses love the rapid application development process. Thus, this is another reason why most businesses are opting for AngularJS web development. 

Simple architecture

The heavy web apps usually contain a large number of components along with complex requirements. When it comes to the point of managing such web apps, nothing beats the AngularJS framework. Most front-end web developers prefer to use this powerful open-source framework because of its enhanced yet simple design architecture. 

Convenient testing

Testing is vital to ensure an application's high quality. Be it during the web development phase or the post-development phase, testing helps to point out any mistake done in the development phase. So that developers can accordingly rectify it. 

AngularJS framework provides support to both unit testing as well as end-to-end testing. With it, the testing is made adaptable and simple at any development level. 

A strong community backup

Got stuck at any development phase? Facing any issue in the development process? Well, you have got a huge and strong community backup for AngularJS web development. It is constantly growing and gathering more adept AngularJS experts, developers, and users from different parts of the globe. This community is always ready to help with any development issues making the overall development process faster. 

Better Security

Many enterprises are concerned with web app security. Securing sensitive business data, application data has always been a major issue for businesses. As AngularJS is quite a new technology in the market, many enterprises may think that it will come up with new security holes!

Well, fortunately, security is not a concern with AngularJS web development. To present the data, AngularJS uses RESTful API or web services as an HTTPS interface to communicate with servers. Therefore, you only need to follow the good security measures to secure an AngularJS application that you are already following.

Also, AngularJS web development follows the MVC approach and provides easy collaboration. Thus, if you hire a company or hire AngularJS developer for web development, without a doubt, you will enjoy a great business ROI. 

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