How Can You Style Pashmina Shawls

by Kevin Hart Digital Marketing Executive
Pashmina is so royal, and it can be paired with plenty of dresses. You can even wear it with casual or party wear. Having a pashmina in the wardrobe is a true blessing! 

If you want, you can also choose a Pashmina Shawl For Men for your father, it makes an excellent gift choice. 

Let’s get into more details. 

A Much Ado On Pashmina Shawls 

Do you know what pashmina shawls are? The name comes from a type of cashmere wool, and it has a very fine texture. You may not know, but pashmina material was first woven in India, and eventually, this is a Persian term for wool. We know this is a very interesting fact! 

The popular pashmina goat from which the wool comes will find them in countries like India, Nepal, and Pakistan that are generally up in the Himalayas mountains. However, to create the cashmere fiber, the wool from the goat is woven and spun. 

If you are confused about Cashmere Scarves and pashmina scarves, we would like to mention a few key points. 

Cashmere shawls are manufactured in Kashmir and Nepal, and both have fibers that come from pashmina goats. The primary difference between these two is nothing but the diameter of the fiber. 

When it comes to cashmere, the fibers are softer and thicker. On the other hand, the pashmina shawls are finer and thinner. Furthermore, both of the materials are pretty perfect for making accessories like scarves. 

Now, coming on ways, you can style a scarf! 

  • Tie it around your neck: 

We think this is the easiest and classy way to wear a pashmina scarf. You do not need to do a lot, but unfold the shawl, divide it into two sections, and wrap it around your neck. However, it will completely depend on the weather, and accordingly, you can wear it loose or tight around the neck. In case you do not want to style it in that way, you have the option to leave the ends of your shawl hanging around your back or front. 

  • Other styles to tie the scarf 

If you want to keep it simple, you can tie the pashmina shawl in the chain-link around your neck. It looks pretty cool. A hacking tie knot, twisted knot, sliding knot, double hacking knot, a knotted loop, braided, bow, and other options would be a great option on how you can wear a pashmina shawl around your neck. If you want, you can search on the internet, find some exciting videos, follow step-by-step instructions, and wear them most stylishly. So, have you started your research yet? 

  • How about a headscarf? 

Did you know that you can wear a pashmina shawl as a headscarf or headband? You can wear it to create a cool look. If you have long hair, your will love this style on you. All you have to do is, drape the pashmina scarf above your hairline and tie the ends at the back of your head. It’s pretty simple, right? Honestly, you will love them during the bad hair days, and the pashmina shawl is perfect for all weather. 

You will find pashmina shawls ( in various colors and types, so you can choose accordingly. We know it is a bit costly but is well worth the money! 

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