How Can You Adjust the Temperature of Your Bosch Hot Water System?

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Although you can adjust your Bosch hot water system’s temperature yourself yet the wise move is to take help from the Bosch Hot Water Specialists. Water flowing to the unit during summer is warmer and the temperature has to be turned down. Alternatively, during winter, the water heater has to be readjusted as colder water flows into the unit.
Bosch hot water specialist

Following the steps will help you to adjust the temperature on your Bosch hot water system. Sometimes, getting them done correctly leads to errors, so it is better to hire the Bosch Hot Water specialists. 

First, the door should be taken off

  1. The nuts on the right and left-hand back corners have to be loosened.
  2. Under the unit’s front, the hands should be placed.
  3. The base has to be pulled toward.
  4. The cover has to be lowered completely out of the way.

Then the insides can be seen. It is time to check whether there is any leak.

You need to service your Bosch hot water systems every two years. The gland sleeve, located in between the water chamber and the gas chamber is the most crucial part that is to be replaced.
In case of minor issues, the specialists will conduct the necessary Bosch hot water repairs

The water stops leaking to the gas chamber with the gland sleeve. When water enters the gas chamber, then the entire Bosch water heater has to be replaced. Hence, checking the Bosch hot water system frequently is essential. Often, water might not enter the gas chamber, but if water drips onto the gland sleeve, then it will get stuffed up there over time and thus need replacement. 

Now, Before Adjusting the Water Temperature, You Need to Know A Few Crucial Details

The Bosch hot waters are the continuous hot water systems working by the water flowing through a radiator and in the process, it collects heat through the burners. Hence, the water will collect more heat when it travels extremely slowly through the hot water system.

Let us now point out the four easy steps for water temperature adjustment on your Bosch water heater.

  1. The hot tap in the bath or laundry should be fully turned on.
  2. At the unit’s front, the whit tap is the water flow adjustment. It should be turned anti-clockwise, which will allow the water to flow at a faster pace through the unit. In the summertime, it is great since the water flowing to the unit is slightly warmer.
  3. The best task is grabbing the outlet pipe on the left hand and slowly turning the white tap clockwise on the right hand, thus slowing the water down and thus increasing the heat. 
  4. Once you are satisfied with the temperature, the hot tap can be turned off.

When the Door Has to Be Put Back On

The task is tricky and if you cannot do it yourself, then make sure to hire the Bosch Hot Water Specialists.

  1. The cover’s back should be grabbed using both hands and the cover’s top must be placed under the hot water system’s front lip.
  2. The cover’s sides must even go under the water heater’s lips on either side.
  3. The tricky part is that the last 50 and the like mm have to go over the water heater’s outside.
  4. Once everything has fitted in nicely, it must slide onto the nuts.
  5. The nuts have to be tightened up.

Bosch water heater temperature needs to be adjusted according to the seasons. If you can get it done yourself, then it is great. Nevertheless, the Bosch hot water specialists are always available to take care of the water temperature adjustments as well as the necessary repairs as the case may be. 

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