How Can We Escape From The Heart Attack

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A heart attack is scientifically called as myocardial infarction. And it happens when the heart muscles do not get enough of oxygen and it starts to damage. There are other types of issues regarding heart muscles as well such blockage in arteries, corrosion in artery route which are basically used to carry purified blood from the heart to different parts of the body. The fourth major reason for heart attack is the formation of blood clots. 

You may need to know about the major symptoms of the heart attack which can help you escape from the heart attack. 

1.    Tightness
2.    Sudden pain in the heart muscles, chest which will be spread to the left arm
3.    Sudden sweating without any reason or external causing
4.    Discomfort in the chest
5.    Nausea and vomiting 
6.    Feeling of intense pressure in the chest
7.    Shortness of breath 

If you feel any of these symptoms then you must immediately contact your any cardiac specialist or best surgeon who can provide you best or immediate advice. In the meanwhile, you can take Sorbitrate or Aspirin. Don’t take aspirin, if you are allergic to the same. 

There are also several ways through which you can lower down the risks of heart attack and vehemently escape from the situation. 

1. Quit smoking 
2. Avoid oily foods, excess usage of salt, spices, red meat and try to minimize the consumption of non-vegetarian cuisines 
3. If you are a high blood pressure and diabetes patient, control them first 
4. Make sure you follow a strict diet regime with regular exercise for at least 30 minutes 
5. Maintain BMI throughout
6. Meditation is the best medicine to opt for 
7. Do regular relaxation and breathing exercises
8. Regular cardiac checkup is a must 
9. Increase your intake of anti-oxidants 
10. Checkup family history of heart diseases
11. Instead of watching sports on TV, try to visit the playground in real life.

Passive smoking is equally hazardous as active smoking; try to avoid the environment where it is much more prone. Don’t expose yourself to such smoking areas or acquaintances. You need to control your calorie intake and avoid cholesterol inhabited foods. Do you know that high BP or blood pressure is also known as a silent killer for many of the patient’s? It is also known as hypertension which can lead to wear and tear of the delicate inner lining of the blood vessels. The higher your blood pressure the greater your risk. Your increasing age and pedigree chart of your family consolidate the fact of your being affected by a heart attack. Thus, everyone should have a cuffmeter in their home to have a quick check of BP at home as well. 

Let’s learn, how is your type of cholesterol is affecting the risk of heart attack. LDL, also known as Lousy cholesterol or bad cholesterol need to be at a lower level. And HDL which is also known as Healthy cholesterol or good cholesterol determines your better side. The ideal amount of HDL is 3.0 and you should be on a regular checkup to maintain that.

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