How Business Astrology Helps Us in Finding the Right Business

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It pays to perceive the business intentions, insight and plans from the astrological point of view as well. Business is not only all about the business insight an acumen that you have. It is also about prudence in right business selection. The houses, planets, and combinations have to be examined, to see if they support the business endeavor on your mind. Even the hora,  dashamamsha, and shashtyamsha, would matter, and also the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 12th houses give you a bird’s eye view of the entire business you are planning to initiate. Every planet is assigned a particular aspect and branch of business. It is very apt to study the planetary combinations that support business ventures. Business astrology helps us immensely in finding the right business for ourselves. Let us see how business horoscope can be of help.

How can a business horoscope be of help?

Business horoscope helps you to understand what channel is best suited for you and what is not.  Once you set up a business it becomes your lifetime preoccupation. You need to give it all your energy and money and time to build a business right from the scratch. It gives you a panoramic view of things, such as timing and the way you should start it, but finally it is up to you to decide. The time in which we are born decides which channel you should choose, if you are destined for business. Choosing a business on just zodiac signs will not help as they give a very peripheral idea of the entire process.  You must have an eye on the practical requirements of running a business, and keep in mind the intent and circumstances.

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Businesses are of various types. It could be ancestral, or a partnered business that we must see and decide. Astrology also provides clues to what your operational tactic should be, and the area of business that needs to be selected. Planetary guidance is nothing but the divine guidance that helps your efforts from beyond.. All the planets have their say in your business choices.  But right business can be decided by checking the tenth house in your horoscope. Business horoscope can be of immense help. So are planets.

Which planet is associated with business?

Tenth house is pivotal to business success. Sun in this house, creates a king out of the common man,  as sun in this place enjoys digbala. He could also be gifted with affluence or he may take charge of a domain in his country.  Sun usually confers honor and wealth to the native with sun in the tenth. He will be blessed with paternal inheritance. A business where father and son work together is a god send opportunity. But for that to fructify, sun should be related to ninth and fifth lords. The native can also be a well k n own doctor under this impact. Of secondary importance, Ketu in tenth house, is another planet makes the native a renowned scholar, and a luxurious kingly lifestyle and affluence.  These two planets are associated with business and success in business.  But there is a planet that rules wealth and affluence, which is Jupiter.

Which is the best planet for wealth?

Jupiter is one of the major planets that blesses the native with affluence. If Jupiter is well disposed, you can think of living in luxurious circumstances. We must investigate the Jupiter’s positioning to decide about finance of the native. Happiness cheer and good fortunes are a blessing of Jupiter. Jupiter is never malefic even if he is not well placed in chart. Jupiter never gives fully malefic results even if ill-disposed.  He boosts your earning and ability to hoard. Even if connected with malefics, Jupiter confers good on the native. Jupiter rules luck in the kundli of Kala Purusha. He is the best planet for good luck and wealth. There are certain other factors that decide our choice of business.

Is there anything else that decides the business choices?

Bhaskaracharya says that certain factors decide your choices of business.  For instance, Mercury in own house, provides luck in business. Mercury adds intelligence to the native which he so requires proceeding ahead with business. Even an ill disposed tenth lord does not affect the native’s chances of success. The tenth lord in the Lagna or the position of the lord of the ascendant induce the native to be self-made and succeed through his hard work. There are few other aspects that decide a natives success in business. We can decide and choose business on the basis of signs occupying kendras, sign of lagna, sixth house, ninth house, navamsha, placement of shani, and dashamamsha.  These nine parameters concerning the position of planets, can decide which business could be actually chosen. These things also decide the business choices.

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