How Breast Reduction Helps You With Aesthetical Benefits And As Well As Health Benefits

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What is breast reduction surgery? 

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that ensures the removal of excess fat and loose tissue accumulated around your breasts. If your breasts are larger in size and are not in proportion to the rest of your body, it may cause other medical conditions like neck pain. Back pain might also affect the symmetry of your body by lowering your back. 

By removing excess fat tissue and loose skin, plastic surgeons can reduce the breast size to be more proportionate to your body. This medical procedure has gained popularity over the years as it eliminates the physical discomfort caused by the size of your breasts and enhances your lost confidence over the years. 

Breast reduction is more than a cosmetic benefit -

People need to understand that for many women, large breasts are more than just an aesthetic issue, there are several health conditions associated with it. Large breasts can cause a lot of pain in the shoulder region, neck, and back. It can also cause rashes due to friction and can affect the orientation of the body. 

Typically larger breasts are also usually positioned much lower on the chest than their usual position. During this breast reduction surgery the surgeon shifts the breast tissue upward, this reduces the excess weight from the breast which ultimately results in the improvement of the posture and can ease the pain around the neck and shoulders caused by the bra straps. 

Breast reduction surgery consultation - 

Before the surgery, you can consult Dr. Sumit Malhotra, a cosmetic surgeon located in Lucknow. You can book an appointment with him to discuss everything about your medical history. He makes a safe space for you to be completely open with him about what you expect from this surgery. Be prepared to discuss any emotional issues with him that you’ve dealt with regarding your breasts, how your breasts have physically felt, and other physical pains that you’ve had. 

How to prepare for the breast reduction surgery -

To begin with, you should be in good health so that you can heal properly post-surgery. 
You should be pre-prepared with a few important things beforehand like plenty of ice, washed clothes and napkins, and loose comfortable shirts. 
You should also keep ointments or cream ready as per recommended by the surgeon for the proper healing of incisions. 
You should also inform someone beforehand who can drive you home after the surgery. 

All about the recovery - 

Expect that you’ll have to take at least a week off from work. Your surgeon will instruct you on how to let your incision heal properly. He will tell you everything about the follow-up appointments and how to carefully dress the bandages. 

Post-surgery you can expect a little soreness in your body, and to have a little amount of breast pain. Some people can even observe an emotional reaction such as a feeling of depression and anxiety. In that case, you are advised to talk to your family, friends, and even your surgeon. 

If you have decided to take up breast reduction surgery in Lucknow you can visit Dr. Sumit Malhotra and know all about the surgery in detail. Or you can book an online appointment.  

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