How Automated Payouts Can Help Businesses Manage their Finances

by Amit K. Marketing Manager

According to a survey conducted by the All India Manufacturers Organisation (AIMO), approximately 66% of entrepreneurs cited cash flow control as a major obstacle they had faced during the lockdown period, which prevented them from making wage payments from the best payment gateway solutions in India. Without a question, the MSME business now relies on consistent cash flows, which are affected by late receipts and other factors. The latest pandemic has served as a wake-up call, demonstrating the importance of having cash balance buffers for a rainy day and putting in place an efficient financial management scheme.

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Why the modern day business needs a modern payment mechanism

Small to medium-sized companies often face difficulties in handling sufficient, which is often the product of late payments and untimely receivables, owing largely to the introduction of a conventional payment system. Late payments not only harm the brand, but can result in mismanaged funds and problems such as untimely salary payment, refunds, and a strained relationship with consumers.

In the age of fintech models, it is critical that the corporate industry welcomes transition and implements innovative payment solutions in India to ease day-to-day financial processes for both themselves and their suppliers and customers.

What is Automated Payout and how can it help the MSME business

Digital payments can help simplify payments and have several advantages over conventional payment methods. Think how inconvenient it would be to wait for a check to be processed by a cheque deposit, given the time involved in receiving and handling it. Instead, if one chooses an instant payment portal, debit or credit transactions can be completed in seconds. SifiPay payment channels, for example, can help companies handle cash effectively when monitoring inflow and outflow.

Benefits of opting for Automated Payouts

Enable Instant Payments

Imagine the time saved of manually doing everything as one spends or gets money in a fraction of a second! Money can be collected in a variety of ways using InstantPay's streamlined payment network. A company may also attach invoices and conduct transactions via email, WhatsApp, and SMS links.

Use a single dashboard to manage and track fund movement

An online payment gateway can assist companies in gaining a bird's-eye view of the movement of funds and identifying opportunities for change, such as a client who has been delaying payment or a retailer who is not being billed on a daily basis.

Manage refunds

Refunds that are paid on time continue to create consumer satisfaction and increase the interest that consumers have in you. When a customer returns an item, the time it takes to get a refund sometimes irritates them, preventing them from making another purchase. Customers, on the other hand, can simply get themselves registered and enter their account data if companies have a dedicated payment portal, saving customer support time that would otherwise be wasted on checking these details. Customers can quickly receive instant refunds from ecommerce brands.

 Focus on business

Once payouts and collection are handled, companies will rely on their core competencies, raise sales, and feel certain that payments can be made on schedule. They will use InstantPay's portal to deliver payment alerts to consumers and get real-time collection updates. Furthermore, and as a company expands and its scalability improves, the payoff system helps it to handle over a million payments per day.

Build a better image among customers

With scheduled deposits, prompt updates, and less complications in financial transfers, a company may market itself as a trustworthy and straightforward partner to other companies and even end-users. Any impediments to payment should be resolved or communicated to the client at the appropriate time, allowing for a better interaction with consumers and suppliers.

To summarize, desperate circumstances necessitate prudent steps. MSMEs will schedule their funds to guarantee timely transfers and collections with a little forethought. Adopting an automatic payment system to help in the managing of business finances, especially as companies are trying to get back on their feet, will undoubtedly be a smart move.

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