How Augmented Reality is Impacting Mobile Games?

by Arup Roy CEO of Red Apple Technologies

The mobile game industry is steadily growing. The desire to meet audience expectations is urging developers to embrace new technologies. This eventually leads to the introduction of enriching graphic elements and interactive gaming environments. Subsequently, it ends up raising the market demand further.

Presently, plenty of discussions are happening on the emergence of advanced technologies like Augmented Reality (AR). This cutting-edge technology has the potential to transform the mobile games industry. Want to know how? Simply read these points below.

  1. Impressive Visuals

Augmented Reality( AR) never segregates you from the real-world environment. Instead, the technology presents an altered version of your physical surroundings to deliver an immersive visual effect while playing the games on mobile. This eventually raises your engagement and retention level to complete all the game levels.

  1. Better Movement 

In AR-based mobile games, you have the opportunity to engage in various physical movements with your game characters. Whether walking or running, you will derive immense pleasure to perform them in real surroundings. This eventually also improves your physical agility significantly. Developers always focus on integrating notable features during AR game development stages.

  1. Improved Interaction

Players have the chance to closely observe and interact with their popular game characters in a real background. Moreover, they also have the opportunity to chat with fellow gamers to complete a challenging game level very easily. Integrating this technology ultimately improves their overall performance very positively. 

  1. Immersive Game Promotion 

It is very hard to resist the eye-catching appeal of augmented reality in mobile gaming. So, when this cutting-edge technology is used in mobile game promos, the overall impact that happens is very long-lasting. The initial audience response is very high in terms of installation and playing duration. This eventually highlights the growing popularity of your games within a shorter time and widens the revenue-generation opportunity. Developers who want to expand their audience base and revenues instantly can surely focus on utilising this technology to easily promote their mobile game development services.   

  1. Renew Experience

The engaging appeal of augmented reality lasts long. So, no matter, how many times, you have played augmented reality mobile games, there is no chance of boredom. Instead, you are always eager to click the AR-based game apps to derive plenty of excitement and fun. Want to make your games immersive using augmented reality? Hire a game developer now to integrate this technology properly.      

  1. Superior Game Quality

Augmented reality usually presents your real surroundings with an immersive experience. As a result, you are free to play the games as you like with greater control of the essential functions. This eventually revolutionise your gaming experience alongside upgrading the overall quality of your mobile games.  

  1. Innovation Scope

Like other mobile game development technologies, augmented reality also provides abundant improvisation opportunities. This shall further help in maximising audience engagement without compromising the gaming needs. Besides, augmented reality provides greater flexibility to select your gaming zone to derive surplus entertainment without completely segregating from the real world. 

Mobile game technology is rapidly changing with latest technology advancements. So, it is your responsibility to observe and utilise such transformations to improve the gaming experience of the players rapidly. No doubt, consulting a professional AR game development company will enable you to proceed correctly. At the same time, this shall enable you to retain the overall game quality intact. 


As per the report of Infoholic Research LLP, the market of augmented technology has the opportunity to witness significant growth within the span between 2017-2023. This eventually indicates why you should integrate this cutting-edge technology into your game products. Moreover, adding augmented reality will enable you to retain the user’s interest and engagement over a long time. Playing mobile games in augmented reality is very interactive and flexible as you have the liberty to select the ideal gaming background without isolating yourself from the real world. 

Author Bio   

Mr. Arup Roy is the founder of Red Apple Technologies, a prominent name in the game and app development industry. His attachment to advanced technology like augmented reality is quite unmatchable. As a result, many enterprises and startups working on augmented reality have been benefitted pretty significantly from his experience and expertise.

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