How A Dirty Carpet Affects Your Health

by Robyna Butera Professional Blogger & Writer

Carpets are present in every home and office. The dust, dirt and other impurities that we carry with us gets deposited on the carpet. The impurities present on a carpet makes it dull and dirty. The properties of a carpet start fading away because of the impurities. Besides these, there are direct impacts on your health by dirty carpets.

Regular vacuum cleaning is an effective and cheap way to keep a carpet clean. 

An unclean carpet is not good for the beauty of the house and the people living inside it. To live a happy and healthy life, you should do regular cleaning of carpets. So, let us know what are the bad impacts of a dirty carpet on human health. 

Here Are How A Dirty Carpet Affects Your Health:

Harmful for the Immune System

A dirty carpet is full of dirt, dust, etc. and other impurities, but there are invisible microorganisms such as germs, viruses, and bacterias. These microorganisms are harmful to human health. Pets and children often lie and play on a carpet. When these unwanted microorganisms come in contact with the human body or pets, they can cause threatening diseases. The bacterias and viruses present on the carpet enter our body and start attacking our immune system making it weak. Thus, an unclean carpet affects the immune system. A body with a weak immune system gets prone to diseases.

Respiratory Problems

The impurities present on a carpet can cause significant problems. The dust, dirt and other particles present on it, can affect our health. When these unwanted particles enter our respiratory system, it can cause respiratory problems. 

The most common respiratory problems caused because of a dirty carpet are cold, cough and difficulty in breathing. Small children and pets are mostly affected because of the debris present on it. 

Digestive Issue

When you touch a dirty carpet with your hand, the germs get settled on your hand, and when you touch your mouth or face with the unclean hand, then it can cause various problems. The harmful germs enter our digestive system because of these unwanted particles, and one might suffer stomach illness such as diarrhoea, food poisoning, vomiting, etc. 


The mould, animal dander, pollen, dust mites present on a carpet can cause allergies. If you are allergic to certain airborne allergens, then you should keep the carpet clean. The airborne allergens enter our home and get deposited on the carpet. A carpet should be dehumidified and disinfected, to keep the allergens away from yourself.

Skin Problems

Pests such as fleas and bed bugs love to reside on a dirty carpet. If you keep a carpet dirty, it becomes home for pests. Pests such as bed bugs and fleas cause a lot of chaos and trouble. When these pests bite, it causes skin redness, irritations and infections. The impurities present on a carpet is not suitable for every skin type. Therefore, sensitive skin might get affected because of the dirt particles present on the carpet.

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