How 4K Smart TV has changed the Perspective of Viewing Television Completely

by Tanjni Pache Content Writer

Experiences make you discover new things. Upgrading your television is an elaborative example. A bigger screen, better resolution and throw in a bunch of swanky new features- you get a new universe remodelled right in front of you. The previous day I was watching Dunkirk on my TV. Nolan’s war masterpiece had a profound impact on me, the way it was filmed, the narration, the plot progression, etc. While I sadly missed the experience of watching it in a theatre, the notion was completely erased off when I played it in my TCL C6. First things first, it's my first investment on a Smart TV so a massive, massive upgrade from my last Plasma set. What drew me into buying it was its display, and I really pined for a Smart TV for quite some time.

4K - probably the most buzzed term since it came out. I literally felt heckled listening to the term as it was tolling like a bell constantly. So much so, I decided to get a demo, and I was completely blown away. The moment the first visual came in, I couldn’t retreat myself from not buying one. So after a bit of reviewing and expert advice I gifted myself a biggie from C6 series by TCL. It's a 65 inch 4K UHD Smart TV. Right from the moment of unboxing, I couldn’t resist myself from experiencing it hands-on. In fact, I took an off and on the very first day itself I finished off a long-awaited web series on Netflix. While speaking about Netflix, it has that push-to-watch feature in its remote that enables to start the OTT platform right away. Honestly, I found this quite cool since I didn't have to download the app from Google Store which doesn't seem laborious enough, but this is better anyway.

While my knowledge of every new technology is not abysmal, yet, I had theoretical insights about what all to expect from reviews. But reading and experiencing are two different things. With the Smart TV, I had different kinds of experiences some of which were, frankly speaking, better than theatrical ones. Like one amazing thing was (my Eureka moment) understanding the Micro Dimming feature. When I turned on the Local Dimming of the TV and changed the contrast settings a bit, the halo radiation effect of the contents drastically got reduced. This felt like an achievement as the resulting picture looked so real. For brighter objects, it had a better effect. For example, there was a still of a moon. Without the dimming, it gave out huge glares, de facto, the moon looked too artificial with too much brightness. With the Micro dimming effect, it looked absolutely spectacular to behold the moon which resembled a telescopic image.

Android helps me a lot. Just like my phone, there are apps from which I can browse and download which helps to enhance my television a lot, seriously. I can cast the TV from my phone which helps a lot. Like if I have to watch Game of Thrones, I simply cast it, and from a 6-inch HD episode, it turns into a 65-inch 4K magnum opus. Probably the best 4k Android TV around.

I'm not a pro-gamer but my geeky cousin does bring his PS4 along sometimes during the weekend, so I budge along with him for an hour or two. With the console, although the display is maximum 1080p, the HDR generates the UHD effect. Our current favourite is Far cry 5, and I bet those are the finest hours of gaming we have. The visuals are so damn good that I can proudly say that a lower television model can never fathom that eccentricity. It's also an AI TV, so it does help me in a lot of creative ways too, but that is for another writeup.

There is so much to say, but I'll conclude by saying that this is the best 65 inch Ultra HD TV.

Did I tell you about the design? No? Oh well, it’s surely phenomenal. I felt it looked like a projection screen pulled upwards. The Harman Kardon sound bar at the base looks so rad I can’t even express the emotion.
Amazing stuff, really changed my life!

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