How 3-star Hotels in Dwarka Gujarat Are Saving Water?

by Manish Kumar Marketing Head


India is suffering from a major water crisis. There are many parts and states of India that are witnessing a huge water crisis. The condition is so worse in such places that people living in such places are hardly getting enough water to use. Thus, this calls for an immediate plan of saving as much water as many of us can. The hospitality industry in India, too, has addressed the problem. As a result, many hotels and hotel chains are taking several provisions to conserve water within their premises and around their area. The 3-star hotels in Dwarka Gujarat have taken note of increasing water crisis around the city. Thus, these hotels, too, are addressing the problem, thereby saving water for them, as well as their guests.

The hotels near Railway Station Dwarka and other areas of the city have both a commercial, as well as mortal interest, in reducing the consumption of water. According to a study, water accounts for a total of 10 percent of the total utility bills in most hotels. The execution of a water management system is, therefore, necessary to make sure that the importance of water is addressed by one and all and water is conserved for further utility.

Following are the measures taken by the 3-hotels in Dwarka Gujarat to reduce the consumption of water and to promote water conservation: 

  • Establishment of a water management plan

The 3-star hotels in Dwarka Gujarat have established a water management plan under their plan of action. A proper water management plan helps to meter the overall usage of the water consumed by the hotel. Careful measuring of the water can also expose all kinds of problem areas and give you any information about the same. As a result, the hotel can further take measures to conserve water and come up with another plan to solve the problem of the water crisis. The hotels near Railway Station Dwarka, too, are trying to set goals and communicate these goals to the staff, as well as their guests, so that a proper understanding of the water management plan is done by one and all.

  • Minimizing the usage of water for bathrooms

The 3-star hotels in Dwarka Gujarat have installed several low-flow bathroom features in their bathrooms. Such installation is helping them reduce the usage of water by as much as 30 percent. These features include low flow toilets and aerate showers and they are becoming popular each day. Even the guests are enjoying these features in the bathrooms. At the same time, the maintenance of the bathrooms at these hotels is looked after every now and then. This is helping the hotels to conserve water to an extent. 

  • Cutting the usage of water from laundry services

Another measure that is taken by the 3-star hotels, as well as hotels near Railway Station Dwarka, is their idea of cutting the usage of water from laundry services of the hotel. Laundry accounts for a great percentage of water usage in the hospitality industry. Thus, these hotels are using lesser water to perform laundry for all their guests. At the same time, these hotels are informing people about the same so that they could be respectful towards their policy of saving water. New technologies are being used by the hospitality industry to reduce the usage of water drastically and to increase its conservation.

  • Cutting down the usage of water from the swimming pools

All the 3-star hotels in Dwarka Gujarat always have a swimming pool. A swimming pool increases the consumption of freshwater by 10 percent. Pool maintenance is considered to be a critical job which usually includes a regular checking for leaks, as well as water conscious cleaning schedules. Many hotels have started covering their swimming pools if not in use. This is mainly done to prevent the process of evaporation so that the water doesn’t get reduced to the expected levels. Some of these hotels have also introduced push-button showers to reduce the usage of water in the showers near the pool area.

  • Installing water efficiency systems

Many hotels near Railway Station Dwarka and other locations have started installing the water efficiency systems within their premises. Under these systems, the wastewater generated as a result of dishwashing, laundry, bathing, etc. is treated properly so that it could be repurposed for irrigation and toilet flushing. This concept is known as the grey water system and it could enable up to 50 percent of wastewater to be returned to these hotels after treatment.

Hotel water conservation doesn’t only save a precious natural resource, but it saves their money on the whole. The above-listed water conservation practices are being adopted by the 3-star hotels in Dwarka Gujarat and other hotels with successful rates of water conservation.

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