Household Chores Straining Your Neck & Shoulders

by Rudra S. Consultant
Upkeep of a house is a mammoth task that requires fulfilling regular, mundane chores day after day. While these minimal jobs do not account for anything alone, but over time, have long-term physical effects on our bodies. You may not see it right away, but these begin to show with age. While one can’t avoid these chores, sprains, strains, or hurting oneself is totally avoidable. Follow these 5 experts’ suggested tips mindfully while performing chores and observe a substantial impact on your strained neck and shoulders.

Common Practice: We know the quickest way to iron clothes is by laying them on a flat surface and just getting the job done.
The Problem: Ignoring the height of the surface from the ground and our posture while ironing puts our necks and shoulders under a lot of stress.
Expert Tip: Remember, the hunch is your enemy. Sitting down while ironing and ensuring good back support is said to be the best practice. In case you stand while ironing, make sure the height of the surface or the table is comfortably high. Move around in between! Shifting weight between feet from time to time avoids stiffness in the neck & shoulders, lower back pain; straining any one foot, improves blood supply, and reduces fatigue.

Common Practice: Standing over the sink, looking down at the dishes.
The Problem
: Standing and standing in a bent-over position at a stretch to reach the dishes and faucet cause the back, neck, and shoulders to hurt.
Expert Tip: Mindfully ensure your back is as upright as possible while scrubbing. Additionally, use a high stool to reduce the bend-over distance between your head and the sink. The lower the distance, the lesser the load on your leg when you lean forward to wash the dishes. This even reduces bending at the waist and lowers physical strains.

Common Practice: Repeated bending over to load the machine or while handwashing, rinsing the clothes.
The Problem: Repeatedly bending over strains the back and causes lower back pains. The wringing movement can cause repetitive pain in the arms and may strain the shoulders too. Fold the washed and dried clothes while standing over them develops a hunched neck.
Expert Tip: While loading a front-load machine, squat with your knees bent, or alternatively sit on a low stool. You must ensure that you are seated or in a resting position while folding the dried clothes. Use a stationary pole from your vicinity to rinse the clothes.

Common Practice: Bending at the waist or twisting the torso in numerous directions to mop while keeping the feet firmly stationary. For those who mop with a hand-held cloth, bending repeatedly to reach the floor and rinsing out dirty or excess water from the wet cloth is an expected mannerism.
The Problem: Prolonged bending while mopping or doing it all in a bad posture can leave you with bad back, knee pain, and more. While using a hand-held cloth to mop, the wringing action can be hard on your wrists, arms, and shoulders.
Expert Tip: Invest in a good, long handled, and light mop that allows cleaning while standing you invest in a more active lifestyle. A spinning-action mop with a built-in wringing mechanism may also be a considerable alternative to eliminate the need for repeated manual wringing of the cloth. In case, you must mop with a hand-held cloth, squatting down as you wipe the floor is your best option. It not only prevents aches and strains but also aids in strengthening your core. Be mindful to turn your body so that the hips and shoulders are both in the direction you need to mop.

Common Practice: There is no common practice when it comes to cooking. But some chores form a whole routine. Chopping vegetables, kneading the dough, gathering ingredients, etc., takes up more time than the actual preparation of the meal.
The Problem: If cooking is causing your back, neck, and shoulders to hurt, then that may be because the kitchen too counter is not at the right level for your height, and the shelves are far-reaching or placed low.
Expert Tip: While working, get as close to the counter as possible. Ensure your back is straight, shoulders are relaxed, not riding upwards, and the chin is tucked in to avoid excessive strain on the neck. Consciously correct your posture from time to time. And taking regular pauses to stretch, every 30 mins or so, if you are cooking for a longer duration.

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