Homeopathy For Breast Pain, Lymph Node Enlargement, Ganglion, Pain in Axila, or Abscess. Please Help

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Patient Question:
Suddenly I'm going to put deodorant in the armpit and it hurts and
when I go to play I have like 3 little bumps that hurt me on the skin
that I can catch them with my fingers, so suddenly since I had not
hurt Are they ganglia or could they be internal glands swelling? I can
take them with my fingers as if they were on the skin not inside, I do
not know if you understand what I say.
Thank you very much in advance, greetings.

Team Aura Homeopathy
Hi, they are probably ganglia, from the axillary chain, which for some
reason, have been inflamed in response to a wound or irritation by the
same deodorant and its chemical components.
The differential diagnosis is with an abscess, which also hurts, but
has another process of evolution, they are faster in their growth and
generally have symptoms of inflammation, such as heat, flushing and
swelling, and the management is different: these abscesses usually
need antibiotic and they are also needed to be drained.
This you can observe in one or two days of evolution. If they are
ganglia seek the cause, in this you can use common sense, look if you
irritate the deodorant and change it or look for chafing.

Do you have nodes elsewhere in the chest, for example? this is already
different, you should ask for an assessment by your doctor, if it is
not resolved within a few days.

Homeopathy has medicines like Belladonna, lachesis, hepar sulphur,
which are used regularly for abscesses. If it is a lymph node problem,
other substances are recommended, such as baryta carbonica, silicea or
a homeopathic medicine that acts as an immune regulator and as an
antibiotic, echinaccea.

If you have tendenecia to produce this type of injuries, seek the help
of a Good homeopathic Doctor near you, would be ideal. Homeopathic
medicine, eliminate this tendency, and treat the origin, the cause of
the problem.
You have more information on our website, , which I hope will be useful.
A cordial greeting.
Dr. Swati Kasana Gold medalist

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