Homeopathy: Finding a Natural Cure for your Allergies.

by Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy by Francine Kanter

A bad case of allergies can be a debilitating condition, affecting the normalcy of your daily life. When your body has an allergic reaction to any agent, there is the emergence of rashes, itching, burning or eruptions on the skin, redness, itching, watering from the eyes, and other such symptoms in other areas of the body. It is very discomforting for the patient that something as trivial as allergies is causing them so much problem. You find yourself helpless in front of a circumstance for which you bear no responsibility. It is your body's natural reaction to the foreign agent. A stomach ache can happen because of human actions, and infectious diseases like typhoid, cholera, or pneumonia can have their source in human negligence. Still, your body's susceptibility to allergies can be an entirely unknown phenomenon until the point that it occurs. However, once a person is aware that their body reacts to such a substance in that specific manner, they can take adequate steps to protect themselves and prevent a bad case of the same incident from repeating.

Francine Kanter Homeopathy provides entirely Natural Remedies for Allergies and ensures that the problem remains in a latent, controlled state, monitoring and treating it with our classical homeopathic techniques.

What is an allergy, its types, causes?

The above question is extensive. But to answer it suitably, we can start with the fact that an allergy is an abnormal reaction or sensitivity to certain substances. Such substances can be pollen, animal dander, house dust, mites, moulds, drugs that trigger allergies because of their chemical composition, and foodstuffs like peanuts, cheese, raisins, milk, eggs, and fish also cause an allergic reaction. Stings from animals like bees and wasps have caused an allergic reaction, and feathers of birds, dyes, wood, and cosmetic items such as perfumes are also known agents.

The mechanism which causes an allergy is straightforward. Allergic people make an antibody called immunoglobin E, which reacts with environmental factors in a harmful way. Allergens are responsible for the secretion of antibodies in a person. The reaction between allergens and antibodies creates a chemical substance called histamines, leading to symptoms like rash, itching, eruptions, redness, and burning sensation in an organ of the body.

The main types of allergies are Seasonal, Perennial, and Common, which are easy to understand based on their terminology.

Seasonal allergies associate themselves with changes of seasons; perennial allergies are chronic, and common allergies are a reaction to common substances or are of a commonly occurring nature and do not take much time to resolve.

How can Homeopathy Treat Allergies?

Homeopathy is one of the most comprehensive approaches to medicine, especially concerning natural reactions of the body to foreign substances, and provides a sensitive, natural, and holistic remedy to the problem of allergies. Homeopathy aims to treat the emergence of allergies in a person by studying the underlying causes of the abnormal reaction to the particular agent. It is possible to administer a well-known solution to the problem by choosing from a wide selection of homeopathic offerings based on location, cause, sensation, and other factors affecting the patient. Whereas, if required, a solution specific to the individual being treated can also be found in situations when the allergic condition may be unique to the person or the problem and is resistant to conventional homeopathic medication. There are a large number of homeopathic medicines to treat allergies available in the market.

We at Homeopathy Palm Coast, based on the ideas of Francine Kanter Classical Homeopathy, provide a selection of medication for allergies such as:

  • Histamines for allergy to dust and strong perfumes
  • Natrum muriaticum for allergy to bread, acidic foods
  • Hepar Sulph for allergy to cod liver oil
  • Sulphur for allergy to antibiotics

And a wide selection of choice homeopathic options (We also have allergy shots.) to treat the specific condition of allergies bothering you.

It is essential to know that Homeopathy Palm Coast leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that your body heals entirely after an allergic reaction and that you experience the best of holistic medicine with us. Please get in touch with our seasoned Homeopathic practitioners at Francine Kanter Homeopathy, Homeopathy Palm Coast.

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